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Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 5: Mobile Data Discovery

Brendan Ryan

What was your first mobile phone? Was it a little flippy thing? A big, boxed machine? An enviable car phone?

In the latest episode of Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast, David Horrigan, Constantine Pappas, Danny Pelc, and Anna Siroonian from Relativity take a walk down memory lane to answer this fun question. They’re joined by Alison Grounds, founder and managing director of Troutman Sanders eMerge, who has some fascinating insight into why mobile devices are throwing a wrench in discovery—for both criminal and civil litigation.

Also up for discussion this month? Where you might find a local judge sipping a martini at 10:00 a.m., whether burner phones will soon come into vogue, and Colonel Sanders’s litigation history.

This month’s episode is sponsored by RelativityOne Certified Partner BDO. Give it a listen if you’re traveling from NYC this week, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter or the Relativity Community. You can also catch up on past episodes in your favorite podcast app or on the Uncivil Procedure home page.

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Brendan Ryan was Relativity’s senior manager of partner marketing.