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Vote for the Best User-created Relativity Application

Liz Durkin

If one thing has become clear as we prepare for the second-annual Relativity Innovation Awards at Relativity Fest, it’s that successful e-discovery is about versatility and creativity. Case teams are tackling the industry’s toughest cases and meeting complex challenges by building unique applications on Relativity, and we’re excited to showcase them.

The finalists for the 2015 Innovation Awards have streamlined a wide range of processes and solved complex workflow needs. These are sophisticated pieces of software that add to the platform, and they’re making a real impact on case teams’ workflows. We see three themes in this year’s finalist solutions: project management, streamlined review, and empowered collaboration. Take a look at each finalist below, and be sure to vote for your favorite.

Project Management

Holland & Knight, Case Center – Case Center is a comprehensive case management tool that allows Holland & Knight to aggregate, analyze, and assess materials in one place, build a narrative of the case, and link that narrative back to milestones, facts, issues, witnesses, and documents. Check it out.

Fortune 500 Retirement, Insurance, and Investment Firm, Discovery Dashboard – Discovery Dashboard provides business partners with a centralized source of case information, project work, historical discovery, and chain of custody documentation. Take a look.

Kilpatrick Townsend, LitSmart e-Discovery ProcessesLitSmart e-Discovery Processes is a case management tool that tracks day-to-day case activity, helps cost projection, increases defensibility, and offers legal project management in addition to e-discovery project management. Preview the tool.

vdiscovery, Remote Admin for Relativity – Remote Admin for Relativity allows users to perform basic user management on their mobile device. See it in action.

Reilly Pozner, Damages Calculator – Reilly Pozner’s mass tort application helps case teams easily manage tasks and track hundreds of data points involved in resolving their clients’ claims. It’s a turnkey solution that helps the firm manage their mass tort data needs. View their solution.

Streamlined Review

Kroll Ontrack, Kroll Ontrack Nearline – Kroll Ontrack Nearline helps users identify and set aside non-critical data on demand and then retrieve it on demand without re-processing—helping cut costs and reduce time spent reviewing documents. See the tool.

LDiscovery, MultiMatter Management – MultiMatter Management gives attorneys the ability to reuse work product—for example, coding on confidential, proprietary, and privileged information—across current and previous matters. Learn more.

Lighthouse eDiscovery, PrivSmart - Privilege Log – Privilege log creation is a time-consuming, manual, and error prone process. PrivSmart - Privilege Log makes it more efficient by automating large portions of the privilege logging process to save clients time and money. Take a peek.

HaystackID, Cellebrite Integrator – HaystackID’s Cellebrite Integrator parses Cellebrite mobile forensic reports, automatically applies a review number, and loads individual records into Relativity where reviewers can review the data quickly and easily. See the screenshots.

Anexsys, RTK.ExcelRedact – RTK.ExcelRedact eliminates the need to manually TIFF complex spreadsheets and cuts the time taken to perform redactions over Microsoft Excel spreadsheets by more than 50 percent. Check it out.

Advanced Discovery, DiscoveryControl – DiscoveryControl helps with data normalization across multiple cases by providing a master database that uses a central control room to hold the work product from individual cases. Preview the tool.

Jackson Walker, Relativity Importer – To migrate more than 200 cases to Relativity as soon as possible, Jackson Walker built an application called Relativity Importer. 1.5 TBs of data were migrated in two weeks and cases were up and running the next day. See how it works.

Empowered Collaboration

NightOwl Discovery, Mission Control – NightOwl Discovery needed to provide real-time operational and administrative data about cases across their global operations. Mission Control tracks 417 unique project details and has reduced email communication on projects by 80 percent. Take a look.

Altep, OpenService – OpenService is Altep’s application that allows clients to engage Altep’s expert managed services team. OpenService is a single portal where clients can gain insight into billable hours, budget information, service hours, and more. Get a preview.

Which of these applications could you see yourself using? Let us know in the comments.