What e-Discovery Innovations Made Waves This Week?

by Carlin Sack on October 15, 2015

Community , Product Spotlight

The last day of Relativity Fest closed with the same level of energy that it started with. The day started with an inspiring message from Sal Khan about the innovative ways his nonprofit, Khan Academy, is disrupting the education industry, while the day closed with the Relativity Innovation Awards, a celebration of the Relativity community’s own innovative solutions.

The Relativity Innovation Awards showcased top creations built on our platform, which included:

  • Jackson Walker’s Relativity Importer for handling migrations into Relativity
  • HAYSTACKID’s Celebrite Integrator for processing mobile forensic reports into review
  • Kilpatrick Townsend’s custom case management platform LitSmart
  • Advanced Discovery’s DiscoveryControl for providing a bird’s-eye view of data across cases
  • Altep’s OpenService solution for submitting managed services requests directly from a Relativity workspace
  • Anexsys’s RTK.ExcelRedact solution for safely and easily redacting spreadsheets
  • NightOwl Discovery’s Mission Control for using event handlers to communicate various process statuses
  • vdiscovery’s Remote Admin for Relativity app for administrators to easily manage users while on the go
  • A Fortune 500 firm’s Discovery Dashboard for flexible, detailed case tracking
  • Holland & Knight’s Case Center case management tool for aggregating, analyzing, and assessing materials in one place
  • LDiscovery’s MultiMatter Management for attorneys to reuse work product across current and previous matters
  • Lighthouse Discovery's PrivSmart - Privilege Log, built to automate large portions of the privilege logging process to save time and money

Ultimately, the awards went to…

  • Reilly Pozner for the Best Law Firm and Corporate Solution. Reilly Pozner’s Damages Calculator took home the honors for its innovative way of determining award amounts, which included using dynamic objects to create award scenarios and then converting Relativity data into numerical values to determine awards based on the chosen scenario.
  • Kroll Ontrack for the Best Service Provider Solution. Kroll Ontrack’s nearline storage solution impressed the judges and audience by presenting an intermediate type of data storage that sits somewhere between online/active storage and offline storage/archiving.
  • Kroll Ontrack also took home the Community Choice Solution for clinching the most votes from the Relativity community in a competition that garnered 4,241 total votes.

Like last year, the Innovation Awards—an avenue for the Relativity community to show off its chops—proved to be an important part of the show. The solutions demonstrated comprehensive, innovative uses of the Relativity APIs. You can check out last year’s winner—Iris Arc—on the Relativity Ecosystem.

Our president and CEO Andrew Sieja further highlighted the achievements of the Relativity community in his closing keynote, such as reaching the exciting benchmark of 999 Relativity Certified Administrators worldwide. Sieja also echoed our community’s strides made just during Fest this week: 405 exams and 560 labs were taken, and the first-ever Relativity Processing Specialist was certified this week.

Now that Relativity Fest 2015 is over, you still have opportunities to stay in touch with the global Relativity community. Check out our user groups to share knowledge and best practices organically in relaxed environments operated by steering committees of fellow Relativity users. If there’s not one in your city and you’d like to help start it, let us know. You can also download content, ask questions, and talk about your Relativity feature wish lists on the Relativity Customer Portal. Live webinars and in-person trainings also give you a chance to ask questions and hone your skills in the year ahead.

All in all, we can’t help but be inspired by the innovative thinking that’s apparent in this community, as well as in the work of entrepreneurs like Sal Khan. We hope you all were inspired, too, whether or not you made it to the show.