What's New in Review Manager?

by Tony Velikova on December 19, 2014

Product Spotlight

Relativity Review Manager is a free and fully integrated application that helps project managers estimate the time and cost of review, track progress, and assess attorney work product quality.

Our newest version of the application, released with Relativity 9, includes new reporting functionality to make it even easier for project managers to analyze their reviewers’ performance and identify trends in a case. For example, two new reports give you two ways of looking at overturns—by reviewer and by document.

With the Reviewer Overturns report, project managers can track the overturns a reviewer accrues over the course of the review and analyze the quality of reviewer coding. Additionally, a new Document Overturns report allows project managers to review which documents have been overturned, by whom, and when. Having access to the overturned documents makes it easier to assess what information triggers an overturn.

These new reports—and the four other reports in Review Manager—now live in a centralized tab:

reports tab - review manager

Once your review is underway, you can navigate to this one landing page to see the high-level progress of your project and drill into specifics as necessary.

You can download Review Manager from your Relativity Applications Library or on the Customer Portal. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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