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Announcing a New RelativityOne Subscription Plan

Mike Gamson

From the start, we built Relativity as a workhorse for e-discovery—but also to offer a wide-open platform that enables our customers to solve new challenges and simplify an array of data-related workflows.

And our customers have shown us time and again that there is no better home for innovation than RelativityOne.

As we shared in this week’s press release, RelativityOne has been our fastest growing product since beginning our cloud journey in 2017—and as of this year, more than half our customers are in the cloud. These organizations have consistently proven that the cloud platform is the best engine for innovation.

As we've continued to see strong adoption of RelativityOne and benefited from valuable customer feedback along the way, we saw an opportunity to make a meaningful shift in how we deliver the product to best meet evolving customer needs. And today, I'm thrilled to announce that we are implementing a new subscription plan that eliminates separate user fees by bundling them into the data rate. The new plan makes it easier to support use cases beyond e-discovery, unlocking innovation in RelativityOne.

Optimizing for Innovation and Secure Collaboration

Under our previous plan, the cost to use RelativityOne was broken down into data-based and user-based fees. But the commercial barrier of incremental user fees was beginning to stifle innovation. Now, by bundling user fees into the data rate, customers can leverage RelativityOne to tackle more use cases and practice areas across their organizations.

More specifically, we know customers already use the platform on emerging challenges such as cyber breach responses, data subject access requests, third party subpoenas, and internal investigations. Because RelativityOne offers a platform for managing a variety of big data workflows, it can be applied to these types of projects with ease—but they are often conducted by colleagues outside of the traditional e-discovery functions, which means adding new users to RelativityOne. In addition, many of these use cases involve significantly more people reviewing and investigating the data than a typical litigation use case. If you aren’t incurring additional user fees by granting those folks access to the platform, doing more with the technology you already have is a much easier choice.

Organizations trust Relativity with their most sensitive data, and the new subscription plan underscores Relativity’s commitment to security as organizations are empowered to collaborate with more stakeholders within the secure boundaries of RelativityOne.

The new subscription plan will also mitigate the risk of exportation of documents out of RelativityOne, which will result in a more streamlined and secure workflow for case teams.

The bottom line is a better return on your investment in RelativityOne, and better—and more secure—collaboration across departments.

Streamlining Administration

Eliminating user fees as part of the RelativityOne subscription removes operational burdens like closely managing user log-ins for budgetary purposes and developing complex internal billback models.

Today, administrators spend time activating and de-activating users closely to optimize their monthly user costs, as well as creating allocation models to bill the cost of users back to different departments and projects. The new model will free up that time and empower those experts to focus on delivering faster and better results for their clients.    

Cultivating Creativity with RelativityOne

When the addition of new users no longer presents friction, teams can jump into RelativityOne and do what they do best: find new ways to serve their clients.

“The change will open even more opportunities for law firms like us to innovate and use RelativityOne to its fullest potential,” said Chris Haley, director of legal technology at Troutman Pepper eMerge. “We are always innovating and building new applications, but there have been times when user fees have forced us to compromise and limited the full advantages of RelativityOne. We look forward to leveraging this change so that we can help even more clients in the future.”

Our community continually finds incredible ways to tackle stubborn and emerging challenges with RelativityOne on a daily basis. We’re particularly excited to see what new ideas blossom from teams like Chris’s. In the meantime, we’ll soon share this year’s submissions for our annual Innovation Awards. Keep an eye out to read those stories and draw some inspiration for your next great idea.

What’s Next

Relativity is currently working with existing customers to familiarize them with the new plan, and it will be available to new RelativityOne customers on October 1. RelativityOne Service Providers will have the flexibility to continue to leverage the current plan or move to the new plan, allowing them to select the solution that best supports their customers. 

If you have questions about how this affects your new or existing contract, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager—they’re standing by to help.

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Mike Gamson is chief executive officer at Relativity. He first joined the Relativity team in 2017 as a member of the advisory board, getting a unique opportunity to get to know the company's business and team before stepping up to the role of CEO in 2019. With former roles at LinkedIn and Advent Software, Mike brings over 20 years of recruitment, sales, and product marketing experience to Relativity.

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