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The Innovation Awards: What's Changing and What's Staying the Same

Blair Cohen

Just like the shape of data, the Relativity Innovation Awards are changing and growing. This year, we’re excited to announce some improvements to the award structure that promise to recognize even more of the great work being done by our community.

What started at Relativity Fest in 2015 as a way to recognize organizations for their product customizations on the Relativity platform has evolved into something more than we ever dreamed of. In 2018, we introduced new categories to recognize individuals who are catalysts for change.

Innovation is overcoming obstacles in creative ways. Whether you build custom solutions, empower people, or forge new paths, you are finding that better way. The Relativity Innovation Awards celebrates our community’s curious changemakers. And as our industry landscape continues to grow and change, we’re making adjustments to mirror the industry and give you the best show yet.

What’s Changing This Year

In 2022, we’ve streamlined the award categories and added new awards to reflect other areas that Relativity cares deeply about: security, customer experience, and education and mentorship.

The Innovation Award for Security recognizes an individual who has a passion for security in their industry and embodies excellence, innovation, and leadership in their field. We’re looking for a security buff who creates impact at both the user-specific and industry-wide levels using an innovative mindset. They are a trailblazer in their organization for security innovation.

The Innovation Award for Customer Experience recognizes an individual who delivers exceptional customer service. The ideal candidate is extremely well-versed in Relativity and uses it in innovative and creative ways to solve unique customer needs. We’re looking for a customer advocate who shares their knowledge not only with their team, but with the industry at large. This new award evolved from the Lit Support All-Star and Corporate/Attorney Tech Evangelists awards, giving even more personas an opportunity to be celebrated.

The Innovation Award for Education & Mentorship recognizes an individual who prioritizes talent development and brings opportunity to the next generation of Relativity users. This individual goes above and beyond to promote emerging talent within the industry. We’re looking for someone who uses innovative learning techniques to give their students or mentees hands-on experience in Relativity. This person carries the spirit of advocacy—always pushing their students and mentees to explore self-development opportunities and expand their knowledge.

You can find more criteria on what we're looking for with each award on the nomination survey. We can’t wait to see the nominations you submit for these new awards. 

What’s Staying the Same  

The North Star of the Innovation Awards will continue to be celebrating our community. And even though we’re mixing up the awards, we’ll still have some consistencies that you can expect.

We’re laser-focused on AI and have no intention of slowing down. This year, we launched AI Visionaries, an annual list of early adopters in legal, compliance, and risk who are blazing the trail for adoption of AI in their organizations. Those who are on this list have automatically been nominated for the Innovation Award for Artificial Intelligence. In addition, we’re looking for more nominees who have a vision for the future of AI in legal tech and inspire others to adopt this technology to solve challenges relevant to the Relativity community.

We care deeply about inclusion, diversity, and belonging. The Innovation Award for Inclusion recognizes individuals who challenge the status quo, are catalysts for change, and advocate for underrepresented groups in tech. When inclusion, diversity, and belonging come together, it unlocks unlimited potential for our industry. Our past winners have built the foundation of a brighter future, one where everyone belongs. We can’t wait to see what our future winners build!

We are always passionate about gender equity. The Innovation Award for Stellar Women honors a community that has continued to grow since the podcast’s inception in 2018, with crossover episodes and regular workshops. The legacy the past winners have created is something Relativity holds close. We’re excited to build the future of elevating women in tech with our new winners and nominees.

The Best Innovation technology awards are the bread and butter of the Innovation Awards. We will continue to honor the Relativity customers who are using the platform in unique ways, whether it’s an app that tackles humanitarian issues around the world, or one that incentivizes pizza customizations for reviewers.

And we still plan to be a little goofy during the Innovation Awards ceremony. Sharing a laugh with our community while celebrating leaders in the industry is a Relativity Fest highlight.

Nominate, Nominate, Nominate!

The nomination period starts today and closes Friday, June 10 at 11:59 p.m. CT. We’re excited to read your nominations—they inspire us just as much as your colleagues and innovations inspire you.

We’ll see you at Relativity Fest in October. We can’t wait to celebrate the leaders and teams that are changing our industry from the inside out.

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Blair Cohen is a brand program manager at Relativity, representing the company with enthusiasm, authenticity, and her flair for humor. When she isn't shining a light on women in tech via Stellar Women or cracking jokes on the main stage at Relativity Fest, you can find her running around Chicago finding the best places to eat with her dog, Goose.