Stellar Women in e-Discovery Podcast

Stellar Women in e-Discovery is a monthly podcast, hosted by Relativity, spotlighting and celebrating female leaders making their mark in the legal field. These women are nominated by industry peers and join us to share their tips, takeaways, and reflections on their careers, mentorship, and more.


Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Going In-House with Lesley Chan

In this Stellar Women episode, hear about the transition from working in a law firm to going in-house and how curiosity inspires better work.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Maribel Rivera

In this episode, Maribel Rivera walks us through what led her to be the compassionate and driven leader that she is today.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Winnie Lai, Walita Jendo, Clare Longworth, & Megan Twibell

In this episode of Stellar Women, members of Relativity's solutions team discuss fostering collaboration in a distributed workplace culture.

Stellar Women: Joanne Fung, Kim Olivier, & Sati Soni

For this episode of Stellar Women, we made our way around the globe—virtually, of course—to catch up with some of the women who make up the Control Risks global task force.

Stellar Women: The 2020 Innovation Award Finalists

Our Stellar Women hosts were excited to sit down with the finalists for this year's Stellar Women Innovation Award. Hear their advice for up-and-coming leaders in the legal world.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Minisode with Inés Rubio

Check out this episode to see how the e-discovery community is banding together to continue operating successfully—despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Allyship with Altlaw

In this second allyship-focused episode, hear about mentorship and elevating women in e-discovery with Altlaw owner Terrence Searle and Project Manager Cassie Parker.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Susan Wortzman

In this episode, Susan Wortzman of MT>3 discusses her journey—from starting her own business after overcoming the fear of going out on her own, to handling a merger with a larger entity.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Candice Corby

Cobra Legal CEO Candice Corby has made it her mission to empower women—both within her company and throughout the world.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Minisode with Stephanie Clerkin

In this episode, Stephanie Clerkin shared how she has made connecting with friends and colleagues—both old and new—a priority during this remote work period.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Karimah Campbell [Podcast]

Our latest Stellar Women guest, Karimah Campbell, shares insight into the adaptations being made in international e-discovery around the COVID-19 crisis.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Allyship with MT>3 [Podcast]

For this special edition episode of Stellar Women, we explored the theme of allyship.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Inés Rubio [Video]

Based in Dublin but hailing from all over, Inés Rubio is the award-winning head of information management and incident response at the consultancy BSI, where she works with clients on data concerns, from security to e-discovery to management to forensics.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: 2019 Year in Review [Podcast]

For this episode, we got to chat to the 2019 Stellar Women Innovation Award winner, Stephanie Clerkin! Stephanie is well known for her vivacious social media presence as well as her deep industry knowledge and experience. We loved speaking with her, and we left feeling inspired and excited to see what she will do in 2020.

The Stellar Women of Relativity [Podcast]

We kicked off 2020 and the third season of Stellar Women by mixing things up. We brought together a group of Relativity women who we believe are stellar. During the episode, we hit on a variety of topics that are the crux of this podcast, including mentorship and being a successful leader.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Amanda Fennell [Podcast]

This episode of Stellar Women discusses Amanda Fennell’s path to becoming CSO at Relativity and what makes for a successful remote employee and leader.

Advice for Stellar Women (and Their Allies), From Stellar Women

When envisioning a stellar leader, who pops into your head? Relativity Fest 2019 attendees heard from several such leaders at the conference's annual women's luncheon. Here's what they learned.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Kelly Friedman [Podcast]

Our latest Stellar Women episode dives into what it takes to be a successful manager—and includes some tips for first-time Toronto travelers.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Khrys McKinney [Podcast]

This Stellar Women nominee discussed how companies can retain top talent and create a more inclusive work environment, while also sharing some laughs with our hosts.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Joanne Chua-Robertson [Podcast]

The e-discovery community is a global force for innovation and creativity—and our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery nominee proves it.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: On the Road Part II [Podcast]

For the second installment in Stellar Women’s On the Road series, two guests discuss the importance of elevating and celebrating successful peers in the legal tech industry.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Jacy Schoen [Podcast]

In this episode of the Stellar Women podcast, Jacy Schoen discusses her career journey and the events that shaped where she is today.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: On the Road Part I [Podcast]

In this episode, two guests discuss what it means to be innovative in legal tech and how they paved a path of innovation throughout their careers.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Tricia Johnson [Podcast]

No matter the industry or zip code, Tricia Johnson, director of marketing at QDiscovery, has found value in being part of a community.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Jariya Laoriendee [Podcast]

Jariya Laoriendee, the latest Stellar Women nominee, discusses how automation and analytics play a role in compliance and when to “be bold, be brave, and explore.”

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Mary Mack [Podcast]

In honor of International Women's Day, Stellar Women in e-Discovery interviewed a leader renowned for her e-discovery expertise and leadership: Mary Mack.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Chris Chalstrom [Video]

When it comes to being stellar, our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery candidate, Chris Chalstrom, says it comes down to having a fabulous team.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Year in Review [Podcast]

In this final episode for 2018, the team reflects on the conversations and connections fostered this year and share their thoughts for 2019.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Rebecca Grant [Video]

So many admirable e-discovery professionals will tell you they stumbled into this field. Rebecca Grant is one of them, and this corner of the legal world is lucky to have her.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Judy Torres [Podcast]

In this installment of our Stellar Women in e-Discovery series, Judy Torres of Advanced Discovery discusses why diversity of opinion is crucial when building successful legal teams.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Peg Gianuca of The Walt Disney Company [Podcast]

Peg Gianuca of The Walt Disney Company discusses what it's like to move from a law firm to an in-house role, and how to bridge the gap between legal and technical teams.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Caitlin Grzymala of the DOJ [Podcast]

The Relativity Blog spoke with Caitlin Grzymala of the DOJ on how TAR will continue to transform e-discovery, and how she is getting ready for her next big adventure: parenthood.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Terra Ickes [Podcast]

Described by her colleague as a “trailblazing pioneer,” Esquify’s Director of Operations Terra Ickes is a leader in the industry whose innovative spirit and dedication to customer success undoubtedly make her a “stellar woman.”  

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Joy Murao [PODCAST]

In this interview with Joy Murao, founder and principal consultant at Practice Aligned Resources, Relativity's Mary Rechtoris asks about Joy's career, her aptitude for problem solving, and why we all should consider a lesson in improv.

Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Mimi Singh [PODCAST]

We recently launched a campaign asking you to nominate the e-discovery women in your world who personify stellar. In the first episode of Stellar Women in e-Discovery, we sat down with Mimi Singh, associate general counsel and director of e-discovery at Evolver.

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