Hunter McMahon & Sara Skeens - Altep

Hunter McMahon is vice president of legal and consulting services at Altep. Hunter’s background in both law and technology provides clients dual insight into complex investigative and discovery matters, often surrounding ESI. Hunter acts as a 30(b)(6) witness and as an e-discovery liaison for clients, advising on all stages of the EDRM in effort to increase defensibility, efficiency, and reasonability of the e-discovery process. Sara Skeens is a consultant for advanced review and analytics with Altep’s litigation consulting group. She has over 10 years of experience providing solutions and workflow guidance to case teams and enterprise clients in the areas of preservation, review, analysis, production, and presentation. She is a Relativity Certified Expert and has held positions in law firms, government, and providers working in both criminal and civil litigation, as well as investigations.