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Illustrating the Diverse Value of Professional Certifications

McKenna Brown

As with any industry, the legal field is held together by a complex framework of professionals. From practiced project managers, to sales superstars, to adept attorneys, any number of devoted careers have contributed to the growth of legal tech and the evolution of the practice of law.

Every one of those jobs relies on e-discovery software differently, focusing on a unique slice of its capabilities, and in any role, it’s important to be able to quickly illustrate your mastery to clients, colleagues, and employers. That’s where Relativity certifications come in.

Relativity currently offers eight exams for certification, from the Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) to Relativity Infrastructure Specialist. Those who pass the exams proudly display their certifications after their name and on LinkedIn profiles. For certain jobs, the RCA is now the baseline certification needed to succeed.  

But one certification has proven particularly valuable for users across a wide variety of roles: the Relativity Certified Sales Pro (RCSP).

Boost Your Relativity Knowledge

Chad Riley, a solutions consultant at Inventus, works with law firms and corporate legal departments to help them determine which e-discovery technology and services are the best fit. For him, earning RCSP status was an ideal way to demonstrate to clients that he knew what he was talking about.

“Being in a sales role in a crowded market, it is critical to understand the features that separate Relativity from other e-discovery platforms,” Chad said. “The RCSP certification process ensured I have that knowledge, and the certification itself signals to clients that I can be a trusted advisor on the platform.”

Danny Chan, a senior discovery engineer, gets hands-on with Relativity in his work every day.

“I’m a case manager at Ricoh eDiscovery and often present to people who are new to Relativity, using their own data to demo it, or the Enron data set if they are not yet hosting with us,” Danny said. “I love demonstrating the power and ease of use of Relativity.”

Attending Relativity Fest? You can take the RCSP—or another exam—for free.

Certified, Expert, Master

There are currently more than 2,700 Relativity certified professionals around the world, including 2,019 RCAs. And many people aren’t stopping at one exam.

Danny recently got his RCSP for the second time after letting the certification expire. Back in 2013, when he was first certified, there was an oral presentation component to the exam.

“It was a very hard certification to get back in 2013,” he said. “Preparing for the RCSP again allows me to speak about the Relativity value proposition, its differentiators, and functionality.”

The RCSP may have been the first Relativity certification Danny ever got, but it wasn’t his last. He also holds RelativityOne Certified Pro status, and he's well on his way to becoming a Relativity Master. Danny holds RCA and other specialty certifications including Analytics.

“One more to go toward Master,” he said. His Processing exam is scheduled for this month.

Getting Ready for the Test

Relativity’s certification team offers study materials, practice questions, and plenty of guidance to anyone planning to take a Relativity exam, including the RCSP. They’ve designed the curriculum for each exam to be accessible, knowing that many test-takers need something they can squeeze into an already busy day.

“I was grateful to be exposed to detailed information about Relativity in convenient and well-organized study materials,” Chad said. “Having a demanding work schedule, the exam prep process made it easy to find time to immediately switch into study mode.”

Both Danny and Chad said that if you go into the exam prepared, the trickiest part comes before you even begin.

“The hardest part was probably trying to satisfy the online exam proctor that my space was clear and I was ready to take the exam!” Chad said.

Danny agreed. “The longest part was showing the proctor my desk and surrounding area,” he said. “I found the study material with the actual exam questions makes it difficult to fail.”

Interested in getting certified yourself? Check out our certifications site for a list of upcoming exams and to self-register, and reach out to with any questions. Good luck!

Learn More about the RCSP

McKenna Brown is a member of the marketing team at Relativity, specializing in content development.