Relativity certifications help you validate your proficiency in e-discovery, add more value to your organization, and distinguish yourself in the industry.

Relativity Certified Administrator

The Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) exam certifies that case admins can maximize Relativity's features and functionality throughout the entire case lifecycle.

RelativityOne Certified Pro

The RelativityOne Certified Pro certification is designed to help Relativity Server and RelativityOne users, and others who advocate for RelativityOne, verify their proficiency in the product.

RelativityOne Review Pro

The RelativityOne Review Pro certification is designed for individuals who want to validate their understanding of Relativity document review fundamentals, functionality, and workflows.

Relativity Review Management Specialist

The Relativity Review Management Specialist exam is available for individuals who have experience monitoring review team efficiency and accuracy, streamlining review processes and reporting on the status of document reviews in Relativity.

Relativity Analytics Specialist

The Relativity Analytics Specialist certification is available for individuals who have extensive experience with analytics in Relativity. Those who work with these features on a daily basis are the best candidates for this certification.

Relativity Certified Sales Pro

The Relativity Certified Sales Pro (RCSP) is designed to help individuals articulate the value proposition of RelativityOne and validate their understanding of how Relativity can solve challenges.

Relativity Processing Specialist

The Relativity Processing Specialist certification is available for individuals who have extensive experience processing data in Relativity. Those who work with Relativity Processing on a daily basis are the best candidates for this certification.

Relativity Project Management Specialist

The Relativity Project Management Specialist certification is available for project managers who have experience with Relativity products and features and understand how to effectively leverage them in a case workflow.

Relativity Infrastructure Specialist

The Relativity Infrastructure Specialist certification is available for Relativity users who have extensive experience with Relativity’s infrastructure. Those who work within Relativity’s infrastructure on a daily basis are the best candidates for this certification.

Relativity Certified Training Pro

Become a Relativity trainer with the Relativity Certified Training Pro (RCTP) program—the first of its kind at Relativity. With access to Relativity training materials, virtual environments, and our full-time trainers, you’ll have all the tools you need to successfully train, on your turf.

Become a Relativity Expert or Master

Relativity Expert eDiscovery Certification

Relativity Master eDiscovery Certification

If you’re a Relativity Certified Administrator who holds two or three specialist certifications concurrently, you will automatically receive recognition as a Relativity Expert. If you’re an RCA with four or more specialist certifications concurrently, you will be recognized as a Relativity Master.

Expert and Master designations are tied to each individual certification. If any certification expires and you no longer meet the two- or four-specialist requirement, your Expert or Master status will also expire or downgrade.

Please note the Relativity Certified Sales Pro, RelativityOne Review Pro, and the RelativityOne Certified Pro certifications do not count toward Expert or Master status.

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