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Collect in RelativityOne

Defensible, targeted ESI collection. All in the cloud.

Collect data straight from the source with the best tool for fast, secure, and defensible collections from some of the most widely used enterprise platforms.

Set Your Legal Team Up for Success

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Get started quickly

Anyone can run the process from anywhere – no specialized training required.

Collect in RelativityOne - Get started quickly icon

Filter now, save time later

Cull your data to collect exactly what you need and nothing else. Your review team will thank you.

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Streamline e-discovery

Work in one tool. Get your data into reviewers’ hands fast.

Remote ESI Collection Made Easy

Collect in a few easy steps

Choose which cloud sources to collect from, add your custodians, or opt for a non-custodial SharePoint collection.

Jump-start your investigations & review

Process your collection — metadata and all — directly to your review workspace, where you can take advantage of analytics & AI.

Examine data types in their native format

Easily review collaboration data as a conversation, including emojis, reactions, attachments, edits, and deleted messages.

Connect to New & Emerging Cloud Data Sources

Collect from Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, and more. New data points become available regularly.













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Creating a Modern Collection Strategy

The collection process is changing. You need a modern collection strategy to stay ahead of the game. Learn how to create one – and why Collect might be the silver bullet.

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