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  • Collected 565 GB of Microsoft Office 365 data in one day
  • Used Analytics to cut 750,000 documents to 167,000 for review
  • Helped their client respond to the second request within a week

A Quick Second Request

It’s no secret that e-discovery cannot exist in a silo. And no request is exactly the same. Often, companies need to balance their internal ability to collect, review, and produce data with the knowledge and experience that outside counsel and service providers can provide—especially when working toward aggressive deadlines.

PLUSnxt (PLUS) is a RelativityOne Authorized Partner out of Los Angeles with a penchant for combining experts and technology to deliver smart solutions for complex discovery challenges. A law firm client approached PLUS with a tough challenge: They needed to respond to a second request within seven days.

The end client had been outsourcing IT support to a managed service provider who lacked the resources to collect the data with forensically defensible technology. The service provider estimated that the collection would take over a week to manage and had proposed an initial solution of having custodians self-collect their data, but the process lagged, provided no audit trail, and presented significant issues with defensibility.

PLUS was brought in to help solve the problem and quickly identified RelativityOne's collection capabilities, along with its end-to-end functionality tools to collect, review, and produce custodian mailboxes, would help them meet the tight deadline.

Maximizing the Power of RelativityOne

Before PLUS entered the picture, the end client was forced to choose between two inadvisable options: collect the entire mailbox of each custodian, or have custodians elect which data from their own mailboxes would be provided as part of the request. Having already negotiated parameters for relevant data, including keywords and date ranges, both approaches included major downsides. The client would be forced to deal with a number of issues, including overcollection, slow collection, and an indefensible process.

To fulfill the second request, PLUS needed to collect data from six custodian mailboxes in the end client’s O365 instance. They chose RelativityOne because it provided both organizations a secure way to transfer documents. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, RelativityOne allows collected data to remain in Microsoft’s ecosystem, benefiting from both companies’ strong security posture.

PLUS was able to leverage RelativityOne by working with their IT resource to register the application in their Office 365 instance. Once the Microsoft Application ID and security secret was authenticated, the PLUS team was able to remotely collect the requested custodians with ease.

Bringing in project managers and solutions architects from PLUS, the process of setting up Collect took less than twenty minutes. Using filters built into the platform, PLUS was able to apply date and keyword filters to home in on the most relevant data and remotely pull it in for review.

Faster Work, Happier Clients

PLUS collected a total of 565 GB of data from the client’s O365 environment within a single day. After the collection was complete and data was verified, the end client was able to revoke application access within five minutes, satisfying the IT team’s request and ensuring data security.

The client was extremely impressed with the speed of the collection, its non-intrusiveness, and the minimal IT intervention required. Since the data was now in PLUS’ RelativityOne instance, the provider was able to use the platform's suite of tools to further cull data.

PLUS utilized a full suite of Relativity tools to further cull the overall data set, including deduplication, advanced search, analytics, and email threading.

PLUSnxt (PLUS) - RelativityOne

Ultimately, PLUS cut 750,000 documents down to 167,000 for review, reducing the data volume by 77 percent.

Utilizing clustering and near-duplication analysis, PLUS helped expedite the review process. PLUS completed the production request on schedule.

PLUS plans to expand the use of Collect to other collection points like Slack or Google Workspace and has already done initial testing with these collection points. They look forward to bringing the value that the seamless capability of Relativity’s short message format affords users to directly collect and present chat and message data in review.

“Collect has enabled us to expedite the end-to-end process of retrieving client data and moving it through to production. The ease of use has made us more efficient and saves our clients both time and money.”
GARY BENDEL, President and COO

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