RelativityOne for Corporations

Help your legal team do more with less.

Handle small investigations and internal matters, all the way up to the big-time cases you hope never happen. Getting started is easy with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Empower Your In-House Team to Do More

Run early case assessment, respond to subpoenas, and more. RelativityOne is intuitive and ready to work for you.

Put more time back in your day.

Automate workflows, scale up and down, and leverage light speed performance – all through RelativityOne. Give yourself the gift of time.

Make life easier – for everyone.

With an intuitive user interface, everyone on your team can be up and running and doing impactful work in just minutes.

Get extra support.

98 of the AmLaw 100 use Relativity, so it’s likely your outside counsel does, too. Plus, you can always work with a Relativity certified partner on those cases that need a little extra love. Find a partner.

Reduce Your Legal Risk

Manage your most sensitive data in one secure, centralized platform.

Set yourself up for defensibility.

Relativity Legal Hold makes it easy to preserve critical data. Use it on its own or as part of RelativityOne. Learn more about Legal Hold.

Keep your data close.

Use RelativityOne for all your e-discovery needs, so you can keep your sensitive data within reach.

Detect misconduct in real-time.

Combat insider trading, collusion, and other high-risk activities the moment they happen.  Learn more about Trace.

Total Security, Total Control 

Security is built into every aspect of RelativityOne. Our in-house security team monitors your environment 24/7 – and you can, too. 

Access security logs.

Connect your SIEM system with ours for full access to your individual security logs.

Bring your own keys.

Use customer-managed encryption keys for extra protection.

Compliance Logos

Smart Corporations Rely on Relativity

Get started with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Take control of corporate e-discovery costs. Pay for what you use and not a cent more.