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Better collaboration, better case strategy

Piece together the story of your case with ease. Designed for attorneys, Relativity aiR for Case Strategy makes it faster and simpler to build your case narrative and prep for depositions and trial.

Focus on a Stronger Case Narrative with Generative AI

Move from doc review to strategizing without missing a beat. aiR for Case Strategy generates key deliverables based on the facts, people, and legal issues important to your case – all within RelativityOne.

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Fact Generation

Extract critical facts and see a full timeline of how the key events unfolded.

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Deposition Prep

Generate outlines around the facts and the players being interviewed with direct links to supporting exhibits.

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Document, Witness, and Case Summaries

Get context about a document at a glance or a full picture of all the key aspects of a witness or your case.

Generative AI You Can Trust

Designed with privacy and security at the forefront

Privacy and security are at the core of everything we do – aiR for Case Strategy is no different

  • aiR for Case Strategy integration with Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI services ensures your data stays secure within RelativityOne. Any customer data used for analysis is never retained by Relativity or Microsoft.

  • Our partnership with Microsoft enables access to the most advanced GPT models. We’ll continue to test them with aiR for Case Strategy to see their impact, and ensure customers are updated every step of the way.

  • aiR for Case Strategy puts our AI Principles into practice. Use it with confidence and know your data is safe.

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