Artificial Intelligence for eDiscovery

The Art of Intelligence

Your space to think, explore, and discover with AI at Relativity

From technology-assisted review to powerful analytics and visualizations, Relativity has been a leader in AI for over a decade.

Now, we’re combining the best of human knowledge with the most advanced technology to create people-led AI – artfully designed to transform how you find, organize, and act on your data.

It’s what we call the art of intelligence.

Relativity AI

We’re changing the shape of e-discovery

Our analytics and AI tools have analyzed
14,000+ TB of data since the start.

Relativity’s first iteration of Analytics hits the market, helping review teams cull and analyze documents faster than ever.


We release technology-assisted review to amplify the manual review process.


We release active learning – a system that serves up the most relevant documents and gets smarter with every coding decision.


We add communication analysis to Analytics to help you clearly see who’s talking to whom, how often, and what about.


A big year for reviewing and protecting personal information – we release Redact for automated image and native redactions. We also acquire Text IQ, a leader in applying AI to identify sensitive data.


Now, we’re blending AI into more of your everyday work

Text IQ

Privilege, Personal Information, & Data Breach

Prevent data surprises from causing irreparable damage.

  1. Protect your most sensitive or confidential information
  2. Gain 99.9% accuracy and 60% faster privilege identification
  3. Reduce data breach review time by up to 75%
Learn More about Text IQ

AI for Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Better understand what people say and how they say it.

  1. Identify emotions, tones, and sentiment patterns within documents
  2. Prioritize documents with high levels of positive/negative tones, anger, or desire
  3. Get the full context around an emotionally charged conversation
Learn about Sentiment Analysis

AI for Translation


Translate more than 100 languages at once into your business language.

  1. Translate large batches or single documents on the fly
  2. Retain the layout and context of the original document
  3. Reduce translation time from days to minutes
Learn More about Translate in RelativityOne

We’re drawing on our talented community

From the AI dreamers

AI Visionaries is our an annual list of professionals blazing a trail for AI adoption in the legal industry.

Meet the 2023 Visionaries

To our own AI artists

Deeply engaged in the latest innovations and ethical considerations, our team is changing e-discovery for the better.

Omar Haroun

Head of AI Strategy

Omar leads AI strategy at Relativity and was previously COO and co-founder of Text IQ.

More on Omar

Danica Xiao

VP Research, AI/ML/NLP

Danica leads the development of AI models for diverse use cases.

More about Danica

Apoorv Agarwal

AI Advisor

Apoorv helps our community better understand the impact of data science and AI on the legal industry.

More on Apoorv

Aron Ahmadia

Senior Director, Applied Science

Aron leads data science for AI Services at Relativity.

More about Aron

Greg Ball

VP Engineering, AI/ML

Greg leads AI Services at Relativity.

More on Greg

Together, we’re making a difference

Dr. Timnit Gebru

Confronting Algorithmic Bias with Dr. Timnit Gebru

Renowned AI researcher Dr. Timnit Gebru explains the dangers of algorithmic bias and why it’s our collective responsibility to pave the road for ethical AI.

Learn from Dr. Gebru

Creating a More Equitable Work Environment

Law firm Ballard Spahr is using AI to uncover biases related to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and more. Learn how the tech helps them ensure fairer performance reviews.

Read Their Story

On the Merits: Labor Trafficking

Labor trafficking happens everywhere, but AI can help. See how our community is harnessing it to thwart traffickers.

Watch the Documentary

Discover more AI tools and resources

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Let AI Level Up Your Next Privilege Review

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