Sustainability at Relativity

Our business involves a lot of data in a lot of places – and with big data comes big responsibility. That’s why we’re taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment.


Many Relativians are passionate about responsible stewardship for our planet – which is why Sustainativity, our employee interest group, was founded in 2019. The group’s vision is to inspire compassion and action among our employees by empowering, educating, and embedding sustainability into our professional and personal lives.

The Greener Litigation Pledge

Relativity is proud to be a signatory of the Greener Litigation Pledge (GLP) in the UK, joining dozens of other law firms, corporations, and technology companies to hold ourselves accountable for taking active steps to reduce the environmental impact of litigation. As a working group, the GLP actively works with the courts to drive higher levels of environmental standards and use our many platforms to grow awareness around environmental change.

Pursuing Greener Operations

We’re committed to incorporating sustainable practices into our operations, products, and culture. Last year, we began an effort to establish a robust sustainability program under an umbrella of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) functions—including a review of frameworks such as the GRI, TCFD, and SASB to help us assess optimal standards. As part of this effort, we’re engaging with customers, vendors, and third-party organizations to build a program that reflects our mission.

We’re on a journey to creating a better environment and society. Learn how you can join us.