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You belong at Relativity

We’re building a company where everyone feels welcome – no matter where you’re from, who you love, or how you move through life.

How We Come Together

Our goal is simple: Relativity should be a place where differences are celebrated and everyone feels comfortable being exactly who they are (and no one else). But belonging doesn’t happen overnight – we need to work at it, together.

It all starts with a few commitments to our people (that’s you)

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We’re committed to building an inclusive place to work.

We create a safe, welcoming space and promote a culture of respect and support for all who work with us. Inclusion means fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all.

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We’re committed to diverse representation across our company.

We seek diverse backgrounds and embrace everything that makes our team unique. Race, ethnicity, gender identity, abilities, nationality, religion – it’s all part of your fabric and ours.

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We’re committed to actively promoting equity of experience.

We recognize that we all don’t start from the same place. We’re working to level the playing field and ensure our people have equitable experiences and opportunities to progress.

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We’re committed to taking accountability.

Everyone plays a role in IDB, from how we engage and collaborate to how we do our work. Accountability is key – it’s what makes IDB part of our cultural DNA.

“At Relativity, we’re committed to creating a culture of belonging – a place where everyone can be the most authentic version of themselves. When our team feels valued, accepted, and celebrated for who they are, our whole community thrives.”

Beth Clutterbuck

Chief Human Resources Officer

Where We’re Creating Change

We know IDB leads to happier employees, stronger ideas, and better decisions for our company and our customers. Our approach is focused on four key areas.

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Having a diverse workforce is better for business and better for society. That’s why we take strategic steps to prevent unfair systems from blocking great candidates.

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From IDB programming to Community Resource Groups, we offer resources to help Relativians actively engage, make authentic friendships, and connect to their own identities.

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As a global company with employees distributed all around the world, it’s crucial that we connect with and properly represent the communities in which we live and work.

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We’re a large corporation that works with a lot of outside sources. It’s our responsibility to ensure we’re working with a diverse supplier base and utilizing sales and marketing efforts that align with our values.

“Our Community Resource Groups provide invaluable spaces for underrepresented employees to build community, encourage allyship, and create empathy. It’s great to see the impact they have in creating a sense of belonging at Relativity. I’m constantly inspired by our CRGs – so much so that I chose to fully commit to IDB as my career path. CRGs have transformed the way I view the world.”

Ana Ramirez

Human Resources

Meet Our Community Resource Groups

Community Resource Groups at Relativity are voluntary, employee-led groups that create a safe and secure place for employees to connect in a more meaningful, personal way. Our employees come together around shared identities such as race, gender, age, military experience, and/or mental health – and we’re always adding new groups! Get to know them below.

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Chronic Illness, Disability, and Caregiver Support Community

AccessAbility offers support, provides resources, and creates an inclusive space for employees with chronic illness and disabilities, caregivers, and their allies.

We're determined to build a more accessible and inclusive culture for Relativians and to apply our principles of AccessAbility to our customers for a more equitable customer experience.

Brittany Roush headshot

“Not only are we working to make Relativity and our products more accessible to people with disabilities, but we’re also working to tear down stigmas and show just how beautiful a workplace can be when we truly embrace each other’s differences and support one another.”

Brittany Roush

Senior Product Manager

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Black@Relativity (BRel)

Black Community

Our goal is to expand and empower Black professionals at Relativity and within our communities. We provide a collaborative environment for employees of color to elevate their leadership, team-building skills, and careers through a supportive network across the company. We work to make Relativity an inclusive place for all by encouraging open dialogue to learn with allies on how to improve diversity and equality. Hear us speak on Black Lives Matter.

Lamar Jordan headshot

“I feel the work we are doing in BRel is important to our Black community. When Black professionals work and support each other, it empowers us to do more and strive to do better.”

Lamar Jordan

Infrastructure Engineer

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Asian Community

RelAsians is building a community where Relativians and customers feel connected, involved, respected, and ultimately proud of their Asian backgrounds and culture at work. Our mission is to celebrate and empower our diverse Asian cultures and communities through education, awareness-building, and by fostering meaningful allyship within Relativity and beyond.

Kevin Leung headshot

“Prejudice is usually rooted in the lack of understanding or awareness of others' background. This is why representation matters. I am proud to represent the Asian community here at Relativity. It's a joy educating and building bridges across different communities regardless of where we are from.”

Kevin Leung

Software Project Manager

Rel-L.I.T logo


Latino Community

Rel-L.I.T stands for Latinos in Tech. We aim to educate, unite, and raise the voices of the Latino community through mentorship and recruitment into the tech industry.

Jessica Cruz headshot

“Rel-L.I.T. gives us an opportunity to celebrate our culture and show up as our true authentic selves. We can be the change we want to see in our communities, while creating a path for more Latinos to join the tech ecosystem.”

Jessica Cruz

Head of Global Talent Acquisition & Employer Brand

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Neurodiversity & Wellness Community

Our mission is to build awareness of differences in neurodiversity, promote best practices for mental health – in the workplace, in our community, and for our customers – and establish an environment that fosters support and acknowledgement of all Relativians. We aim to ensure that Relativity is a stigma-free employer, where everyone feels welcome, safe, and free to be open and honest about mental health.

Joseph Busuttil headshot

“The RelMIND community is passionate about normalizing discussions about mental health at work and offers all Relativians a safe, inclusive, and supportive space where they can feel heard, share perspectives, and gain knowledge.”

Joseph Busuttil

Senior Customer Enablement Specialist

Relativity Pride logo

Relativity Pride

LGBTQI+ Community

Our mission is to educate all Relativians, engage and advocate for our community, and push the boundaries of allyship and inclusion. We want LGBTQI+ employees in every department and on every team to feel comfortable being authentic from day one at Relativity – and for every Relativian to have a deep understanding of the LGBTQI+ experience.

Ken Diedrich headshot

“Relativity Pride is creating a culture where everyone feels included and able to be themselves. Our events promote Pride education, awareness, and engagement, and they have helped grow the number of allies in our community.”

Ken Diedrich

Senior Software Project Manager

RelVets logo


Veteran Community

Our mission is to embrace our proud community of employee veterans who support each other through shared experiences, veteran recruitment, career development, outward engagement, professional growth, and retention. We strive to help every Relativian have a better understanding of the veteran experience.

Todd Tucker headshot

“Military veterans and our allies are proud members of the IDB community at Relativity. It has been a great opportunity for us to connect with the entire company, and with other IDB groups, especially where our goals and interests overlap.”

Todd Tucker

Senior Account Executive

Relativity Women of the Workplace (RelWoW) logo

Relativity Women of the Workplace (RelWoW)

Community for Gender Equality

Relativity Women of the Workplace (RelWoW) is creating a Relativity where no one is constrained by gender norms. Our mission is to cultivate a brave space to inspire and retain women, engage our allies, and provide thought leadership that enables Relativians, our customers, and our communities to thrive.

Laura Adkins headshot

“Relativity is actively investing in ensuring that people of various genders are supported in their personal and career development. Through my participation in RelWoW, I've had the opportunity to grow as a leader. I love that we partner so closely with other CRGs and work to understand how our full identities impact our work and our lives.”

Laura Adkins

Senior Manager, Service Delivery Operations

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