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A Fireside Chat with Paul Weiss & Stroock: The Journey to RelativityOne

On-Demand | 43 Minutes

Improved operations, security, and more. Our CEO, Mike Gamson, chats with two firms about their transition to RelativityOne and what they’ve been able to accomplish since the move.

Text IQ and Relativity Trace: Bolstering Your AI Surveillance Strategy 

On-Demand | 37 minutes

Hear directly from Text IQ and Relativity Trace leaders about the value our partnership will deliver.

Untangling the Story Sooner: RelativityOne for Investigations

On-Demand | 46 minutes

Explore how corporations of all sizes have standardized their investigation practice on Relativity to unravel the story sooner.

Inclusion in Action: Elevating Black Talent

On-Demand | 55 minutes

Hear from law firm leaders on steps you can take to further inclusion, diversity and belonging at your organization.

How Migrating to the Cloud Impacts Your Cybersecurity with Control Risks

On-Demand | 90 minutes

Hear the latest updates around security and how to successfully migrate to the cloud.

TAR on Trial: From Da Silva Moore to Today

On-Demand | 61 minutes

Alicia Hawley of Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP faces-off against Relativity's David Horrigan in a mock #ediscovery hearing on technology assisted review with the Honorable Andrew Peck presiding.

Inclusion in Action: Not Your Average In-house DEI Webinar

On-Demand | 60 minutes

Hear from in-house leaders on steps you can take to further inclusion, diversity and belonging at your organization.

Emerging Trends in Compliance Monitoring for Life Sciences Organizations

On-Demand | 47 minutes

Life Sciences organizations face a variety of regulatory and compliance issues. Leaders discuss trends and tools to address these.

2021 Fireside Chat with Paul Weiss & Stroock

On-Demand | 43 minutes

Hear what two firms have been able to accomplish with the move to RelativityOne

Data Management Considerations for In-House Counsel

On-Demand | 60 minutes

Learn best practices for managing, collecting, and reviewing ever-changing, ever-growing data sets.

Introducing Patent Search and Analytics from Relativity

On-Demand | 58 minutes

Learn how Relativity takes the time and effort out of patent searching.

Beyond the Email: Shaping the Future of Discovery with Slack

On-Demand | 57 minutes

Learn best practices to prepare for investigations and litigation involving Slack and its ecosystem of integrated apps.

The e-Discovery Convergency: Your Role in the Combined World of Data Privacy, Data Protection, and Discovery

On-Demand | 60 minutes

Evolution of Chat Data in Surveillance

On-Demand | 60 minutes

Learn how Relativity Trace and VerQu are revolutionizing how the surveillance industry handles different types of chat data.

Get a Closer Look at Redact

On-Demand | 59 minutes

We're excited to launch Redact, the most comprehensive redaction solution. Discover how this new solution can help you save time and reduce risk.

Are you prepared for a security incident?

On-Demand | 54 minutes

Hear real-life stories and other recommendations for positioning your organization successfully in the event of a breach.

2021 e-Discovery Predictions

On-Demand | 31 minutes

Hear reflections on the last year and predictions for what's ahead in e-discovery.

Relativity 2021 Security Update

On-Demand | 32 minutes

Get an overview of our security posture and why the cloud enables the strongest security for your organization.

2020 Data Discovery Legal Year in Review

On-Demand | 63 minutes

Hear a discussion on recent developments in the law of data discovery.

Upcoming API Change

On-Demand | 34 minutes

Get prepared for the latest API changes, including RSAPI removal.

Scaling Your Collection Strategy

On-Demand | 49 minutes

Learn about the data trends affecting your processes and how to implement easy, secure endpoint collection workflows from anywhere in the world.

Forging a Path Toward Strategic e-Discovery with Technology

On-Demand | 45 minutes

Hear about 2021 product changes and our long-term commitment to Relativity Server.

Relativity Server: 2021 and Beyond

On-Demand | 55 minutes

Understanding your value is imperative for professionals today. According to Sonia Chowdhury, doing your research is a key step in having a better grasp of your market value and what you bring to your team and organization.

RelativityOne's New Aero UI: Everything You Need to Know as an Admin

On-Demand | 73 minutes

See a preview of what's changed and learn how to prepare for the upgrade.

RelativityOne's New Aero UI: What It Means for Law Firms

On-Demand | 59 minutes

See how Aero UI will help law firms work faster and bring more value to your team.

RelativityOne's New Aero UI: What It Means for Partners

On-Demand | 49 minutes

See a preview of what's changed and learn how Aero UI will help you better serve your clients.

RelativityOne's New Aero UI: What It Means for Corporations

On-Demand | 41 minutes

See how Aero UI will help you work faster and bring more value to your team.

How to Build an AI-Based Surveillance Strategy

On-Demand | 16 minutes

Is your surveillance strategy as efficient as it can be? Take a 16-minute break to find out.

Relativity Trust: Understanding Security in RelativityOne

Get an in-depth overview of the information security practices and operations for RelativityOne.

in-Focus Report: Surveillance in a Post-COVID World

Learn how tech and work practices can address surveillance challenges posed by the pandemic.