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Your Complete e-Discovery Cloud Solution

RelativityOne gives you the flexibility to meet the diverse challenges of litigation and investigations with a scalable, secure, and easy-to-run SaaS product. Make e-discovery easier every step of the way, from identifying who’s involved in a matter to analyzing their data and uncovering the real story.

Enterprise-Grade e-Discovery, Built for the Cloud

RelativityOne delivers all the features and functionality of Relativity you love, but in the cloud. It can work independently as a Saas platform or as a hybrid solution with an on-premises instance.

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The Same Market-Leading Product

RelativityOne delivers all the unique features that set Relativity apart, wrapped up in an easy-to-manage e-discovery cloud solution. Advanced analytics and visualizations paired with customizable workflows help you uncover the facts faster and act on what you find—and that’s just the start of what you can do.

Cloud Elasticity

Don’t rely on your hardware and software to maintain performance and throughput—it’s all handled by RelativityOne. You get the computing power to meet deadlines, without the work or expense of buying, installing, and maintaining your own infrastructure.

Security from the Ground to the Cloud

We strive to make RelativityOne the most trusted and reliable cloud solution your organization will ever use. You’ll always have the most secure version of the platform, not just the most feature-rich and performant. Learn more about security in RelativityOne.

International Reach

Handle e-discovery around the world with data centers in the US and UK.

Learn how Morae Global’s team approaches e-discovery with RelativityOne.

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Unified Experience

Want the total control of an on-premises solution, alongside the ease of SaaS? Keep all of your matters—on-premises or in the cloud—connected in one secure system.

A Unique Hybrid Model

When you use RelativityOne in tandem with your on-premises instances of Relativity, you connect all of your Relativity workspaces under one login. A single identity means easy access for you and your customers to all cases whether they are on-premises, cloud-based, or across geographies.

Projects Where You Want Them

Move your cases around with a high-speed data transfer from your on-premises instance to the cloud, and quickly provision new workspaces in RelativityOne.

Integrates with Microsoft Office 365®

Seamlessly move your Office 365 data to RelativityOne to get your review up and running quickly—all in one cloud platform. No additional tools required.

Productivity on the Move

Use the native Relativity mobile app to code documents in your on-premises or RelativityOne cases on the go.

Unified eDiscovery Cloud Experience

Everything You Need in One Platform

Start and end your matter in one e-discovery SaaS solution, using Relativity to search and analyze documents, and take action on what you find.

eDiscovery Cloud Software

Instant Access to New Features

You shouldn’t have to wait for new functionality. Get our latest enhancements and innovations as soon as they’re available.

Workflows and Solutions Built for You

Adapt your workflow to match the needs of any matter, be it an internal investigation, a second request, or litigation.

Legal Hold through Production

RelativityOne includes the complete set of flexible tools to get you through every stage of your matter, from identifying and preserving critical data through telling your or your client’s story. Explore what you can do.

Built on Microsoft Azure

Take advantage of the scalability and redundancy of the Microsoft Azure cloud, as well as the continual investment, innovation, and commitment to security Microsoft puts into it.

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Highly Available

Don’t sweat outages or losses. RelativityOne provides redundancy of network hardware across regional data centers and backs up your data in multiple locations, leveraging Azure technology.

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Trusted Security

As the leader in cloud security, Microsoft invests heavily in keeping your data safe, and has the most comprehensive coverage, including 50+ industry certifications to prove it. Learn more about cloud security in RelativityOne.

Committed to Development Icon

Committed to Development

Benefit from the continual investment and innovation Microsoft puts into their platform, and take advantage of Microsoft's expanding global network of data centers when you need them.

A Whole Community to Lean On

When you use RelativityOne, you get connected to Relativity’s community of customers and industry experts, brought together in user group meetings, trainings, and industry events. Support is everywhere you look.




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