RelativityOne is your complete platform for e-discovery.

Whether it's litigation, information governance, a government request, or an internal investigation, RelativityOne gives you a complete set of flexible tools in a secure cloud platform to tackle your unique challenges through every phase of a project.

RelativityOne eDiscovery Cloud Software Workspace

Enterprise-Grade e-Discovery Software, Built for the Cloud

RelativityOne delivers all the features and functionality that set Relativity apart, wrapped in an easy-to-manage cloud solution.

Keep Your Data Safe

We strive to make RelativityOne the most trusted and reliable e-discovery cloud solution your organization will ever use. You’ll always have the most secure version of the platform, not just the most feature-rich and performant. Learn more about security in RelativityOne.

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Cloud Elasticity

Don’t worry about keeping up with performance during peak times—it’s all handled by RelativityOne. You get the computing power to meet deadlines, without the work or expense of buying, installing, and maintaining your own infrastructure.

International Reach

Handle e-discovery around the world. RelativityOne is now available in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, and Australia, with more coming soon.

Microsoft Azure

Built on Microsoft Azure

Benefit from the scalability, redundancy, and international reach of the Microsoft Azure cloud, as well as the continual investment, innovation, and commitment to security Microsoft puts into it.

  • 50 Azure Regions
  • 70+ Compliance Offerings
  • 90% of Fortune 500 companies use the Microsoft Cloud
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Integrated with Microsoft Office 365®

Seamlessly move data from Office 365 to RelativityOne to get your review up and running quickly—all in one cloud platform.

“When you're dealing with your clients, the things you don't want to have to focus on are 'is the software stable?' 'is it scalable?' and 'is it well supported?' And I can say with RelativityOne, all those things are more than true.”

Wendy King

Tie It Together

Start and end your matter in one e-discovery SaaS solution, using RelativityOne to search and analyze documents and take action on what you find.

Single Platform

Stop worrying about the risk and delay that comes with juggling data between systems. Keep your data in one platform to quickly investigate what’s there and uncover the insights that matter.

Take an Investigative Approach

Take advantage of the latest in advanced analytics, machine learning, and visualizations to quickly sift through volumes of unstructured data and uncover the facts.

eDiscovery Cloud Software

Handle Matters of Any Complexity

Our customers use RelativityOne to tackle the simplest to the largest, most complex matters. You can easily adapt your workflow to match the size and needs of any case.

RelativityOne Cases Handled

Flexible and Extensible

Create applications and automate workflows to help your team meet the requirements of each case.

For Users

Build custom solutions and create unique workflows for document review and project teams, without prior programming experience. You also get access to the upcoming release, so you can test your customizations without interrupting your production environment.

For Developers

Combine RelativityOne's application-building framework and APIs to create sophisticated products and integrations on top of the platform. Building a solution with market potential? Join the Relativity Developer Partner program to offer your application through the Relativity App Hub. Learn about the Developer Partner program.

Berkeley Research Group relies on the elasticity, scalability, and always up-to-date features of RelativityOne—backed by the world-class Microsoft Azure cloud.

Adam Cohen

Powerful and Proven

The legal community relies on RelativityOne to run e-discovery in the cloud.



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