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RelativityOne Government

RelativityOne Government

Focus on your agency’s mission with a platform built just for the government.

Government agencies handle some of the most important e-discovery work out there. Give your team more time, flexibility, and security with RelativityOne Government.

Improve Your Data Security

Trust RelativityOne to keep your e-discovery data secure and meet your compliance requirements.

Proactive threat prevention.

We’ll monitor your data 24/7 and detect threats before they emerge.

Built on Azure Government.

Work confidently in the industry’s most trusted cloud.

Dedicated to compliance.

Our aggressive compliance certifications validate our security posture.

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Enable Smarter Resource Allocation

Put your resources where you need them most.

Stop managing upgrades.

Put fewer resources toward managing upgrades and downtime – we’ll handle all that work for you.

Automate your workflows.

Spend less energy on routine tasks – and more time discovering the truth.

Work better together in one platform.

With a united platform, working with other agencies is a breeze. See what it’s like to reduce redundant work and focus on what matters most.

A Simply Powerful Experience – for Everyone

RelativityOne is intuitive, easy to use, and always has the latest technology. Empower everyone on your team – technical or not – to work confidently.

Get started quickly.

Know where you’re going and what’s next. An intuitive user interface and workflow-based navigation make everything easy.

Move at light-speed.

Don’t let anything slow you down – fly through your work with lightning-fast performance that you can’t beat.

Respond to FOIA Requests

Everything you need in one e-discovery platform.

Put custodians on hold.

Templates and automated communications make it easy.

Identify what you need to disclose.

And redact what you don’t.

Respond quickly.

Skip the slow, risky data transfers. Go from collection to production, all in RelativityOne.

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