Relativity Pro Certifications

Relativity Pro certifications are a great entry point into the program or complement to certifications you already have.

What to Expect

Relativity Experience Level: Beginner (any experience level)
Recommended Study: 5+ hours
Exam Delivery Method: Online or Testing Center

Consider a Pro certification if you are:

  • Newer to Relativity
  • Looking to validate your knowledge of Relativity fundamentals
  • Interested in learning more about RelativityOne or Aero UI
  • Someone who frequently discusses the advantages of Relativity
  • Interested in a certification with a shorter time commitment

Path to Getting Certified

Join the Relativity Community to register for an exam.

Ensure you meet the requirements for an online exam.

Schedule your exam.

Review the study guide and complete related trainings.

Take your exam and get certified!

Maintain your certification with RCE credits.

Continue your journey with another certification!

Pro Certification Exams

RelativityOne Certified Pro

Validate your product proficiency as a RelativityOne or Relativity Server user, or as a RelativityOne advocate.

Designed for:

  • End users
  • Sales professionals
  • Litigation support professionals
  • Academic students

Key topics:

  • RelativityOne features
  • Cloud benefits

RelativityOne Review Pro

Validate your understanding of Relativity document review fundamentals, functionality, and workflows.

Designed for:

  • Document reviewers
  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • End users
  • Academic students

Key topics:

  • Workspaces
  • Core reviewer interface
  • Coding documents
  • Working with batches
  • Review with Analytics

Relativity Certified Sales Pro

Validate your understanding of Relativity’s value proposition and how it solves challenges.

Designed for:

  • Sales professionals
  • Litigation support professionals
  • Project managers

Key topics:

  • RelativityOne value
  • Relativity differentiators
  • Relativity use cases
  • Product functionality

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