Relativity Admin Certification

The Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) certification is an advanced certification for a skilled Relativity admin.

What to Expect

Relativity Experience Level: Advanced (6 months experience administering Relativity recommended to be successful)
Recommended Study: 70+ hours
Exam Delivery Method: Online

Consider the Admin certification if you are:

  • Striving to demonstrate your ability to handle a case from start to finish
  • Looking to validate your hands-on Relativity skills
  • Interested in increasing your credibility in the industry by achieving Relativity Expert or Master status

Path to Getting Certified

Join the Relativity Community to register for an exam.

Ensure you meet the requirements for an online exam.

Schedule your exam.

Review the study guide and complete related trainings.

Take your exam and get certified!

Maintain your certification with RCE credits.

Continue your journey with another certification!

Admin Certification Exam

Relativity Certified Administrator

The Relativity Certified Administrator exam is designed for individuals who manage a Relativity instance and understand the full suite of Relativity’s front-end features and capabilities.

Designed for:

  • Relativity admins
  • Litigation support professionals
  • Project managers
  • Solutions engineers
  • Consultants

Key topics:

  • Data loading
  • Workspace and instance permissions
  • Case administration
  • Structured analytics
  • Productions

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