Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Relativity Certifications? We're here to help.

Please note: We’re working to integrate our new proctoring vendor. Exams will be back in 2023.

General Information

Exam Offerings

An overview of all Relativity exams is available in the Relativity Certification Guide.

Exam Preparation

At the beginning of all exams, you must accept the Relativity Exam Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept, your session will end and you will forfeit the examination fee. You may access and review the terms and conditions here.

You can access all exam study materials on the Community site in the Certification Tracker. You can also browse Certification knowledge articles to answer any exam-related questions.

Knowledge articles should be used as a study resource and to help guide you in your study process. Articles provide a quick, efficient, consistent, and accessible way to find answers to commonly asked questions. They’re typically used to provide information on how to prepare for an exam, inform what is or is not covered on an exam, confirm study assumptions, assist in troubleshooting roadblocks, or assist with certification maintenance. They are not intended to confirm answers or to teach Relativity.

We are aware that a number of apps are available to the public which purport to be study guides for various Relativity exams. These apps are published by third parties that are not affiliated with Relativity, and we do not monitor their content and cannot ensure its accuracy. As such, you should only use Relativity-approved study materials. Your use of any other third party study resources is at your own risk. For approved Relativity study resources please visit the Relativity Community or contact if you have any questions.

We provide an exam prep environment for our performance-based exam, the RCA exam. We do not provide an environment for Pro or Specialist exams because there is not a performance based component to the exams.

Once you are registered for the RCA exam, you receive access to a Relativity prep environment within three business days. Immediately upon receiving access to this environment, you have up to 180 hours or 12 weeks of usage time. If you choose to reschedule your exam, you will continue to use the same prep environment; you will not receive a new prep environment. Please plan accordingly when scheduling your exam date to ensure you can maximize your time with the prep environment.

Before taking the RCA exam, you must have at least three months of experience using the software and have had training in Relativity, either from the Relativity team or on-the-job. For those studying for the RCA exam who would like to receive training from the Relativity team, we recommend taking Relativity 101 and Relativity Admin Essentials I. Please note that the trainings are not Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) exam preparation courses.

There are no prerequisites for this certification; however, we recommend that you have at least six months of experience managing Analytics projects and have had training in Relativity, either from the Relativity team or on-the-job. For those studying for the Analytics Specialist exam who would like to receive training from the Relativity team, we recommend taking Analytics and Active Learning. Please note that this class is not an Analytics Specialist exam preparation course.

There are no prerequisites for this certification; however, we recommend that you have at least six months of hands-on experience processing data and have had training in Relativity, either from the Relativity team or on-the-job. For those studying for the Processing Specialist exam who would like to receive training from the Relativity team, we recommend taking Processing. Please note that this class is not a Processing Specialist exam preparation course.

There are no prerequisites for this certification; however, we recommend that you have at least one year of experience as an infrastructure specialist/manager and have had training in Relativity, either from the Relativity team or on-the-job. For those studying for the Infrastructure Specialist exam who would like to receive training from the Relativity team, we recommend taking Relativity Infrastructure. Please note that this class is not an Infrastructure Specialist exam preparation course.

There are no prerequisites for this certification; however, we recommend that you have at least six months of hands-on experience managing projects in Relativity and have had exposure to and understanding of Review, Processing, and Analytics. For those studying for the Project Management Specialist exam who would like to receive training from the Relativity team, we recommend taking Relativity 101, Processing, and Analytics and Active Learning. Please note that these classes are not Project Management Specialist exam preparation courses.

There are no prerequisites for this certification; however, we recommend that you have at least six months of experience reviewing documents in Relativity and have had training in Relativity, either from the Relativity team or on-the-job. For those studying for the Review Management Specialist exam who would like to receive training from the Relativity team, we recommend taking Relativity 101: Relativity for End Users, and/or Admin Essentials I. These classes are not an exam preparation course.

There are no prerequisites for these certifications; to best prepare for these exams, please review the associated study guide for each exam on the Relativity Community site. 

In addition, for the RelativityOne Review Pro exam, we recommend taking the Relativity 101: Relativity for End Users training. Please note that this class is not an exam preparation course.


  • Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) = $300
  • Review Management, Analytics, Infrastructure, Processing, and Project Management exams = $250
  • RelativityOne Certified Pro, RelativityOne Review Pro, Relativity Certified Sales Pro (RCSP) = $50

You must pay for each exam attempt, including retakes. Payment for the exam is required by credit card at the time of registration.

Exam Updates

See the Exam Updates page or each Study Resource on the Community for specific update dates, including when updated study materials will be available.

The Relativity certification team regularly reviews and evaluates exams and designations for updates or discontinuation. We may discontinue an exam for various reasons, e.g. the exam may refer to training that is no longer available, the exam may be based on a product or feature that is no longer going to be supported or actively promoted, the exam does not best reflect Relativity’s certification focus and goal, there is newer technology and a new exam is being developed, or it just doesn’t make business sense to continue to support and maintain the exam. In any event, Relativity may discontinue any or all exams and designations in our sole discretion.


Please reach out to to learn more about our parental leave policy. It's imperative you contact us before you go on leave and before your certifications lapse.

Accommodations, within reason, are possible with ample notice. To request disability accommodations for your exam, email Reasonable current documentation to support your request is required for most accommodations.

If you'd like to request this documentation be deleted once we have verified it supports the accommodation, you can submit a deletion request through our DSAR process by either emailing, or by submitting the online Personal Data Inquiry form

For more information, review our Relativity Examination Disability Policy and Relativity's Full Privacy Policy.

Exam Results

The RCA, Analytics Specialist, Processing Specialist, Project Management Specialist, Review Management Specialist, and Infrastructure Specialist exams use scaled scoring and require a score of 700 or higher to pass, out of a 1000 point scale (which does not represent 70%). 

All Pro exams require an 80% or higher to pass. 

Scaled scoring is a common certification industry practice used to account for potential differences in difficulty across questions. Scaled scoring is a process by which points awarded for correct answers are converted into a consistent and standardized scale. Scaled scoring enables Relativity to account for variance in the difficulty of each question and ensures a consistent and fair exam result for each candidate regardless of the difficulty of the individual questions each candidate receives. 

To calculate exam scores, the points you earn for each correct answer are summed and compared with the cut score to determine if the result is a pass or fail. The passing score is based on the knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate minimum competence in the skills tested and the difficulty of the questions that are delivered to a candidate. 

You receive final results from Relativity via email within seven business days (M-F) after your exam, unless otherwise indicated.

RCA Exam Results Note: Relativity regularly runs health checks on exams to ensure accuracy and reliability. As this is a new version of the RCA Exam, should your overall result change based on statistical reviews, we will contact you. 

Immediately upon completing your exam, you will receive a preliminary topic breakdown via email outlining performance on each exam topic after completing a multiple choice exam component. 

Within 7 business days (M-F), you will receive an official Pass or Fail result from Relativity. You will not receive a score. An exam score may be revised anytime after testing if there is evidence of misconduct, scoring inaccuracies, or anomalous response patterns. 

You will receive a topic breakdown via email after completing a multiple choice component. While reviewing this breakdown, keep the following in mind:

  • The performance is auto-generated from the quiz software.
  • Consider each topic weighed against the topic importance outlined in the Study Resources PDFs. Higher importance topics likely have more questions, which in turn increases the weight in the overall score.
    • Each topic has a different number of questions which impacts the topic percentage.

Yes. An electronic certificate and print- and web-optimized badges and logos for your email signature and social media accounts will be available on the Relativity Community after your exam. You do not receive a hard copy certificate.

If you do not pass an exam on your first attempt, you must wait at least one week to register for the exam again. If you do not pass the exam on any subsequent attempt, you must wait at least one month to register for the exam again. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may not attempt an exam more than four times per calendar year*. Information on current and projected exam versions is located on Relativity’s website and in relevant study materials.

If you are already certified and you wish to retake the same exam, you must wait at least six months to register for the exam again and you must retake the exam on a different exam version to the version on which you are currently certified. If you pass the exam, your certification will be updated to the new version of the exam. If you do not pass the exam, your existing certification will remain active on the previous version of the exam, provided you have otherwise maintained your certification with the necessary RCE credits.

Any violation of this retake policy may result in invalidation of your exam results or certification, and/or denial of applications to sit future exams, at Relativity’s sole discretion. For the sake of clarity, the foregoing retake policy applies only to retakes of the same type of exam.

*For clarity's sake, as the RCA exam is a combination of two parts -- the hands-on and the quiz -- if you pass one part and fail the other, you only need to pay for and retake the part you failed. You can attempt each part up to 4 times each per calendar year. As stated above, if you fail one or more parts of the RCA exam, you must wait one week before your first retake. If you fail a subsequent attempt, you must wait one month before registering for the part again.

All Relativity exams are reviewed and approved by subject matter experts. We welcome your feedback on the exam and on your experience taking the exam. If you wish to contest your exam score or a specific exam item, you may do so by submitting a written notice to within three (3) business days of your exam. The notice must include (i) your name and employer, if applicable; (ii) the date and time of your exam; (iii) the specific exam item(s) you wish to contest; and (iv) the specific grounds of your objection. Exam questions are subject to change without notice and in Relativity’s sole discretion.

You may send any comments to We will review all exam feedback and will use it to improve the quality of the examination and certification process. We will reply to written feedback at our discretion and may not directly reply to you or specifically address your feedback.

In order to take necessary action, all reports must include evidence or proof to support suspicious activity claims. Send an email to and include as much information as possible about the situation and the persons involved. Relativity will investigate these tips.

For your reference, a partial list of actions that represent suspicious activity according to Relativity's Exam Terms & Conditions is provided:

  • modifying the original results of an exam or other exam records
  • providing or accepting improper assistance
  • fraudulently impersonating another
  • using unauthorized materials in attempt to satisfy exam requirements (brain-dump material or unauthorized publication of exam questions, with or without answers)
  • recording or disseminating exam content 
  • misconduct as determined by statistical analysis

Thank you for helping to protect the integrity of the Relativity certification program and exams. 

Certification Paths

To become a Relativity Expert, you must be a current RCA and obtain two specialist certifications. You must keep all three certifications current to keep your Relativity Expert status.

To become a Relativity Master, you must be a current RCA and obtain four specialist certifications. You must keep all five certifications current to keep your Relativity Master status. Contingent upon a current Relativity Master status, you will receive annual benefits including: 

  • One complimentary Pro exam
  • One complimentary Specialist exam
  • One complimentary Training of your choice

These benefits will be awarded at the start of a new year for current Relativity Masters, and on the first week of every month for new Relativity Masters. 

Relativity Pro exams (RelativityOne Certified Pro, RelativityOne Review Pro, and Relativity Certified Sales Pro) do not count towards Relativity Expert or Master status.

The certifications and requirements that make up the Relativity Expert and Master designations are determined by Relativity and re-evaluated regularly. Any benefits provided in connection with the Relativity Expert or Master designations are re-evaluated regularly and subject to change without notice. For more information on Relativity Expert and Master designations, refer to the Relativity Certification Guide.

If you have never earned a Relativity certification, we recommend that you take either the RelativityOne Certified Pro, Relativity Certified Sales Pro, or the RelativityOne Review Pro exam. The Pro exams are fundamental certifications that are considered the best points of entry into the Relativity certification program and will help you understand certain benefits, features, and how to talk about the product.

Contact Certification

For all exam-related questions, email The Certification team provides assistance Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST/CDT).

The ticket queue provides general guidance on exam registration, scheduling, and study materials. The certification queue is not intended to provide specific product guidance or to teach Relativity. We can clarify aspects of exams, study materials, or hands-on projects via knowledge articles, but anything beyond that may risk the integrity of the exam. 

Exam Registration

Online & Testing Center Exams

Payment & Scheduling

You’ll manage your scheduled exam, update or cancel your schedule, and launch all online and testing center exams through the Relativity Community. (NOTE: Please do not proceed in scheduling an exam in 2022 if you do not have a personal laptop to take your exam.)

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Relativity Community and navigate to the Education Center | Certification Tracker.

  2. Navigate to My Profile to ensure your current country information is correct.

  3. Find the exam you want to schedule, and click the Take the Exam button.

  4. Enter your legal name in the pop-up window. This name must match the name on your government-issued photo ID, or you will not be able to test.
    • If you previously registered for an exam using a name that does not match your ID, enter your legal name in the pop-up, cancel your exam from the Candidate Dashboard, then navigate back to the Community and click the Take the Exam button again. Update your name in the pop-up and then re-schedule your exam.
    • If you are unsure if the name on your exam registration is accurate, email to verify.

  5. You'll be redirected to your Candidate Dashboard in PSI, where you can schedule, update, cancel, and launch your online exam.

For the RCA exam, you must schedule two separate sessions for the hands-on and the quiz, with 60 minutes between each session. You should schedule the Hands-on session first, followed by the Quiz session. You must complete both exam sessions within 12 hours.

If you do not complete the hands-on and quiz portions of your RCA exam within 12 hours of each other on the same day, we reserve the right to void the results of your exam, and we will have no obligation to issue a credit for your exam fees. You should schedule the Hands-on session first.

Here is an example breakdown of the minimum time required for the RCA exam sessions:

  • 30 minutes of set up and logging in time.
  • 80 minutes - RCA Hands-on portion.
  • 60 minutes required buffer time.
  • 30 minutes of set up and logging in time.
  • 75 minutes - RCA Quiz portion.

Allocate 4 hours, plus your required buffer time.

For exams on RelativityOne: Exam dates will be available typically between 2-3 months at a time. You may see 2-4 weeks where no exam dates are available between exam versions. This is an intentional period of no availability, providing time for the new exam version to be made available or exam maintenance.

For exams on Relativity Server: Exam dates are added the first week of even months (February, April, June, etc.).

Check the Relativity Certification Exam Updates page for exact dates specifying when you will find updated study materials and when testing will begin and end for each exam version.

Locating your voucher: If you received your voucher after September 9, 2021, you can find your voucher code on the Certification Tracker under the Exam Vouchers section.

If you received your voucher prior to September 9, 2021, locate your voucher in an email exchange with the Relativity Certification or PSI teams.

Using your voucher: To use your voucher, follow the steps outlined in the How do I schedule my exam? section, then use your voucher code as payment on the Payment screen.

Email to pay for an exam with an existing credit.


If you experience a technical issue during your exam, email immediately outlining as many details as possible about your experience. Depending on the issue you experience, the Relativity Certification team may need to reach out to PSI Support for further investigation. In this case, it may take several business days to get all the information we need to assist you, but we will work as quickly as possible to resolve your issue.

Note: The Certification team provides assistance Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST/CDT) for online exams. If you want to ensure the Certification team is available during your exam time to assist with troubleshooting any issues, please ensure you schedule your exam during our operating hours.

  • Email if you have issues accessing your Candidate Dashboard. See note below regarding the Certification team's operating hours.
    • Clearing your browser's cache, closing the browser completely, and restarting the browser may resolve the issue. 
  • Use ‘live chat’ on your PSI Candidate Dashboard if you have issues scheduling or launching your exam.
  • If you are connected to a Proctor and they are troubleshooting, ask for a Voucher to reschedule for a later date. Once PSI and Relativity diagnose the issue, you will be able to reschedule.

Note: The Certification team provides assistance Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST/CDT) for online exams. If you want to ensure the Certification team is available during your exam time to assist with troubleshooting any issues, please ensure you schedule your exam during our operating hours.

Exam Interface & Environment

Review the information below before your exam. Note: Chrome is required. Some versions of Chrome have a bug, requiring you to download a separate browser, Vivaldi. 

As you navigate through all exams, read all instructions and answer all questions according to Relativity best practices.

  • Scenario-based questions: On the Analytics, Project Management, Infrastructure, Processing, and Review Management exams, you receive scenario-based questions. You must answer all questions using the information presented in the scenario. After you submit your answers to the scenario questions, your answer choices are final, and you cannot return to these questions.
  • Timer: There is a timer counting down in the top-right corner. The exam submits automatically when no time remains. You can also click the End Test button at any time to end your exam.
  • Previous / Next Question: Use these buttons located at the top of the window to move backwards and forwards in the assessment.
  • Nav Menu: Opens a navigation window at the top of the screen. Here, you can access a list of all the questions and see which questions you flagged. Click on a question to navigate to it.
  • Tools: Opens a drop-down window where you can select the Magnifier tool. You can use the Magnifier tool to zoom in to a certain image or portion of the screen. Click Tools > Magnifier again to close the Magnifier tool. 

  • Navigation Bar: See all questions in the Navigation bar along the bottom of the window, and click on questions to navigate to them. As you answer questions, they turn dark gray in the navigator. Unanswered questions remain light gray.
  • Flag: Use this button to flag any questions you’d like to revisit. Once you flag a question, a flag icon appears above that item in the Navigation bar. This question is also marked in the Nav menu. Return to the question and update your answer choice at any time.
  • Clear: To change your answer on a previously-answered question, you must first click the Clear button.

    Online Quiz | Clear Button

Review the information below before your exam. Note: Chrome is required. 

As you navigate through all exams, read all instructions and answer all questions according to Relativity best practices.

  • Official Exam Time: The hands-on portion of the exam is 80 minutes.
    • You get 5 minutes to sign into Relativity and the Relativity Desktop Client (RDC), accept the Exam Terms and Conditions, and review the exam instructions and assigned hands-on project.
    • You get 75 minutes to complete the assigned project.
      • Your Proctor will notify you when it is time to begin. Your session will end when 80 minutes has passed. You will see a timer in your exam environment which starts at 80 minutes and begins as soon as you enter your exam environment. 
      • If you finish early, use the remaining time to check your work or notify your Proctor that you wish to end the exam early. Do not close out; your proctor must complete your exam.
  • Hands-on project: You are randomly assigned one of three hands-on projects.
  • Start Assessment: Once unlocked by your Proctor, the exam environment opens. Chrome launches automatically with exam instructions and your assigned project on the first tab and Relativity on the second tab. Click Start Assessment to access your hands-on project.

    Online RCA | Start Assessment

  • Keyboard Format: You can change the keyboard format next to the click in the lower-right corner of the desktop (or use Ctrl+Shift).

  1. Credentials: Credentials are the same for Relativity and the RDC. Credentials are located in the Relativity Login.txt file, and on the RCA Hands-on project instructions page once you click the Start Assessment button.

  2. Case Workspaces: There are three numbered case workspaces in Relativity. Complete all work for your assigned project in the corresponding workspace. For example, if you receive Case 1, complete all work within the Case 1 workspace unless otherwise specified in the project.

  3. Case Folder: There is one numbered case folder on the desktop. This folder corresponds to the case you are assigned. Everything you need to complete your assigned project, like load files and relational icons, is in the associated numbered folder on the desktop.

  4. Chrome Shortcuts: If you close out of Chrome, click the Hands-on Project and Relativity shortcuts on the desktop to re-open these windows.

  5. Hands-on Case: Your assigned project is on the first browser tab in Chrome. Click the Start Assessment button to display the hands-on case. Optionally, use the checkboxes to track completed tasks.

  6. RDC: The RDC opens automatically with the WebServiceURL already configured.

  7. Personal Exam Timer: The timer is set for 80 minutes and automatically starts in the RCA Online exam.

In-person Exams

Onsite, in-person exams proctored by Relativity are not offered in 2022.

Visit the Relativity Community to see upcoming exams and to self-register for an online exam. New exam dates are posted approximately three months from their scheduled date. 

Onsite, in-person exams proctored by Relativity are not offered in 2022.

We can work with you to coordinate an onsite exam at your location if you have a minimum of five individuals interested in taking the RCA exam. An additional fee is associated. For more information on this option, email

Onsite, in-person exams proctored by Relativity are not offered in 2022.

For in-person exams, registration is on a first-come first-served basis. If an exam is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist and we will reach out to you via email if a spot becomes available. We do not take payment until you are officially added to the exam.

Before your Online Exam

Compatibility & Requirements

All Technical Requirements are outlined herePlease confirm the following technical and physical requirements before attempting your online exam.

Should you encounter an issue with your exam, do not troubleshoot with PSI, the proctoring vendor. Troubleshooting often does not resolve the issue and wastes exam and personal time. If you believe a refresh or closing the browser or RDC will not resolve the issue, end your exam and reach out to Relativity. We'll be able to review the chat log and video and provide support. 

    • Valid government-issued photo ID.

      • Note: Military or DOD ID is not accepted for online proctoring because the exam is recorded and video is retained for up to 90 days, and we cannot, by law, retain copies.

      • If you do not have a government-issued photo ID, please email so we can identify an alternative option.
    • Private room with a clean desk surface, void of people, smart devices (including a smart watch), papers, and disruptions. No other materials are allowed.
    • COVID TIP: As you may be working from home, you may not be in an ideal set up for an online proctored exam. If you are taking the exam near a lot of belongings, like a book or display shelf, consider proactively covering the area with a sheet or paper/cardboard prior to your exam, or having a sheet close by in case the proctor requires you to cover it. We know this is inconvenient and can empathize, however, necessary to maintain security processes remotely.

    Additional resources:

    Exam Expectations

    Launching your exam: Once you launch your exam session, you will be prompted to take the following steps:

    1. Download the PSI Secure Browser application.
    2. Share your camera and microphone.
    3. Complete the security check.
    4. Review the Candidate Privacy Agreement.
    5. Show your government-issued photo ID. The name on your ID must match your Relativity Community account.
    6. Show your room and desk area via webcam, including each wall and under your desk.
    7. Take a selfie.
    8. Connect with your proctor and begin your exam.
      • Proctors cannot answer content-related questions. Notify your proctor immediately of any technical difficulties. They will likely not be able to assist in troubleshooting, but can note the issue. 

    Please note the exam check-in process can take 30 minutes. To learn more about the exam launch process, watch the How to Take Your Online Proctored Exam video on the PSI website.

    • Do’s: During the exam session, you should:
      • If you have a beverage, make sure that does not contain any labels.
      • Be in a quiet area, void of clutter.
      • Have admin rights to your computer so you can download applications.
    • Don'ts: During the exam session, you cannot:
      • Use electronic devices.
      • Use more than one monitor.
      • Eat.
      • Take notes on a physical surface.
      • Use Relativity documentation or study materials.
      • Have anything on your desk including tissues, papers, staplers, photos, etc.
      • Talk out loud, cover your mouth, mouth or repeat words or questions, or look away from computer.
      • Use the restroom.
      • Use keyboard shortcuts that exit the exam window.
      • Press F5 or refresh your browser at any time.

    Violations of exam rules are reported to Relativity. Continued violations will result in the termination of your exam.

    Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

    Online & Testing Center Exams

    Use the Reschedule or Cancel Schedule buttons on your Candidate Dashboard. You can reschedule your exam one time. After your one reschedule, the Reschedule option will be unavailable. Exams must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 48 hours before your exam. Failure to cancel or reschedule within this time will result in forfeiting exam fees. All refunds and credits will be provided in accordance with PSI’s policies. If you are eligible for a refund, it will be made to the original payment method.

    In-person Exams

    Exam fees are non-refundable. If you cannot attend an exam, email at least two business days prior to the exam. Upon cancellation, a credit is issued to your account. This credit expires 12 months after the original issued date. You are responsible for using the credit prior to its expiration.

    Email to register for an exam using existing credit. If the fee for the rescheduled exam is higher than the fee paid for the original exam, you are responsible for the difference.

    If you cancel or reschedule within two business days of the exam, no refund or credit is issued. If you reschedule an exam more than one time, your credit is voided and a new fee is required in order to reschedule again.

    Maintain Your Certification

    General Information

    Certified individuals who participate in professional development activities, identified by Relativity as continued learning for a specific certification, can earn RCE credits to extend their certification status. These development activities help further your knowledge of the exam (and related) subject matter and reinforce your understanding of the product. 

    Relativity technology is updated regularly, so earning RCE credits ensures that you are staying up-to-date with improvements in the product and changes in industry practices.

    Pro Certifications: Pro certifications do not require Relativity Continuing Education (RCE) credits and do not expire.

    RCA and Specialist Certifications: RCA and Specialist certifications are valid for 12 months after you initially earn your certification. All Relativity certified professionals can renew their certification for an additional 12 months by earning Relativity Continuing Education (RCE) credits.

    Access a list of available RCE Credit opportunities here.

    Note: You must notify if your email address changes or if you would like your certifications tied to a different email address.

    The number of Relativity Continuing Education (RCE) credits required varies by certification type. See below for the number of RCE credits each certification requires to renew:

    • Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA): 12 RCE credits
    • Relativity Specialist exams: 6 RCE credits

    Relativity Pro exams do not require RCE credits and do not expire.

    Policies & Guidelines

    Yes, if you know you'll be on leave, contact We'll work with you to get an extension applied to your certification(s). Note, requests for extensions must be received prior to your certification expiration date.

    The number of credits awarded per activity is determined by the nature and time commitment of the activity. The certifications that are eligible to earn RCEs for a specific activity are determined by the subject matter and scope of the activity.

    Relativity regularly evaluates the RCE credit landscape to assess, update, and add additional RCE credit opportunities.

    • RCE credits must be earned within 12 months following your certification and renewal dates.
    • You can only receive RCE credits for a specific self-paced video and/or type of authored content once per certification year. 
    • When registering for events, register with the same email address Relativity has on file for you. This will ensure your credits are properly tracked.
    • Allow one week for RCE credits to appear in the Certification Tracker on your Community site account.
    • You must attend at least 50 percent of a webinar to earn RCEs.

    Relativity reserves the right to grant, deny, revoke, or change requirements for RCE credits in its sole discretion.

    You should monitor your certification status on the Community site. You can access the Community site at any time to view the number of RCE credits you’ve earned compared to the total number required for your certification, your certification expiration date, and your renewal status.

    You will also receive automated email reminders about your certification. If your contact information changes, it is your responsibility to email so we can ensure you continue to receive the reminder emails.

    It is your responsibility to maintain your certification and know your expiration date. If your certification expires, you will be required to take the full exam again.

    You have twelve months to earn the required number of certifications, through several different types of RCE credit opportunities. If you do not earn the required number of credits by your certification end date, your certification is not renewed, and you will be required to take the full exam again.

    Automated RCE credit reminders are sent via email each month. If your contact information changes, you must email and we can update your email address associated with your certifications so that you receive these reminders. (Unfortunately, you can't update your email yourself.)

    RCE Credit Opportunities

    You can earn RCE credits by participating in one or more of the following activities:

    Instructor-Led Training

    • Attending select live Relativity trainings, both online and in-person
    • Attending select live Relativity webinars
    • Attending select Ask the Expert webinars

    Self-Paced Videos

    • Watching select pre-recorded Relativity educational videos


    • Attending Relativity Fest
    • Attending User Groups
    • Participating in Industry Learning Events

    Authored Content

    • Authoring or co-authoring an e-discovery white paper, article, newsletter, or blog post. This includes contributions published to the Relativity blog.

    Relativity Podcasts

    • Listening to podcasts created by Relativity (listen to two episodes to earn 4 RCE credits)
    • Note: You can earn a maximum of 4 RCE credits per Relativity podcast. 

    To see a list of all available RCE credit opportunities in each category, and which certifications receive credits, please visit the corresponding tab on the RCE Credit Opportunities page. 

    On the RCE Credit Opportunities website, you can filter opportunities on the Instructor-Led and Self-Paced Videos tabs by RCE Credits to see which trainings, webinars, and self-paced videos apply toward each certification. 

    Opportunities on the Events and Authored Content tabs earn RCE credits for all Relativity certifications. Check the RCE Credit opportunities website to see how many RCE credits you can earn for each opportunity.

    Claim Your RCE Credits

    All Self-Paced videos are awarded 2 RCE credits automatically within 8 hours of completion. You can only receive RCE credits for a unique self-paced video or live webinar once per certification year. If you do not receive the credits within 24 hours, please reach out to

    In order to earn RCE credits for other events, you must claim your RCE credits by completing the Claim Your RCE Credits survey.

    The following events require you to claim your credits:

    • Industry Learning Events
    • Authored Content
    • Stellar Women podcasts
    • Security Sandbox podcasts

    Guidelines for claiming your credits:

    • You must fill out the survey for each activity you complete. The Certification team will review your submission, and apply credits at the team's discretion.
    • When filling out the survey, use the same email address Relativity has on file for you. If your email address changes, notify
    • Allow one week from the day you fill out the survey for the RCE credits to appear in the Certification Tracker on the Relativity Community.

    RCE credits that are not reported via the survey are not applied to your certification.

    Share Your Experience

    Relativity Certification Program Exploration

    The Relativity Certification team is constantly evaluating the need for new certifications and programs to add to our offerings. Your feedback helps us prioritize and understand what ideas to pursue or not.

    Share your ideas by filling out our needs analysis survey here.

    Relativity Certification Job Task Analysis

    The Relativity Certification team uses a Job Task Analysis survey (JTA) to collect industry data and help inform the future of our exams. This survey is available to all Relativity users, and takes 5-10 minutes.

    Please click the job role you most closely associate with or Relativity feature set you use most often. Upon clicking the link, you will be redirected to a survey.

    Select your job role or a Relativity feature set of your choice:

    • Case administrator - Configures and manages a case in Relativity from start to finish.
    • Review manager - Manages a team of reviewers during the document review process.
    • Project manager - Has an understanding of the wide array of Relativity products, and acts as a liaison between clients and Relativity to make workflow recommendations.
    • Document reviewer - Reviews and codes documents in Relativity.
    • Analytics specialist - Works as an expert using Relativity Active Learning and Conceptual Analytics.
    • Processing specialist - Works as an expert processing documents into case workspaces.
    • Infrastructure specialist - Manages Relativity's Server infrastructure on a daily basis.

    Relativity User Experience Research

    The Relativity user experience team regularly performs research studies to help inform the future of our product. Each study typically takes about an hour. 

    The first step to participating is to opt-in through the UX research recruiting pool form. As a member of the pool, you are a candidate for UX research studies. If the goals of a study align with your professional experience, you may receive an invitation to participate in that study. You can accept or decline that invitation; in either case you are still eligible to participate in future studies. And at any time you can opt-out of the pool.  

    Depending on the project, your role may include: 

    • Answering process questions 
    • Testing software 
    • Being interviewed 
    • Taking surveys 
    • Providing feedback 

    We’re looking for two types of users to join our UX research pool: 

    Legal industry professionals: Anyone who uses software for things like personal or professional productivity is welcome to sign up, but we’re especially interested in hearing from those who work or develop applications in the legal, compliance, risk, and adjacent fields. Sound like you? Complete this form, and if your experience is a good match, our team will be in touch. 

    Students in the Relativity Academic Partner program: As a student and future customer, you should have the opportunity to influence the direction of our product and, ultimately, how you’ll use it in the future. Joining the research pool is your chance to take control of your career. Complete this form to get started.