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[Quiz] e-Discovery Trivia to Impress Family and Friends at Your Fourth of July Gathering

Daniel Pelc

The Fourth of July always makes me think of my favorite things: barbecues, fireworks, and of course, e-discovery. Three things that go so well together.

While you’re enjoying a day off to hang out with family, soak up the sun, and savor Independence Day snacks, try sneaking some of these e-discovery trivia questions into conversations with your friends and family—you’ll be the life of the party.


After you take the quiz, find the answer key at the bottom of the post to see how your e-discovery history knowledge stacks up.

  1. When was the first mention of an email in a Supreme Court Decision?
    1. 1972
    2. 1976
    3. 1981
    4. 1985

  2. The first IoT device was developed in a computer lab at Carnegie Mellon in 1982. What was it?
    1. A closed-circuit TV that would monitor the lab door to see if professors were approaching
    2. Two remote control cars, operated by a computer, that could race one another
    3. A soda machine that would monitor how full the machine was
    4. A radio in the lab because no one could agree on what music to play

  3. What famous Shakespeare quote would most likely be entirely eliminated when excluding noise words in a Relativity search?
    1. “We know what we are, but not what we may be”
    2. “Listen to many, speak to a few”
    3. “What’s done can’t be undone”
    4. “To be or not to be”

  4. The now iconic indexing system, dtSearch, has been around since the early days of e-discovery. What do the letters “dt” stand for?
    1. The digital framework underpinning the original index application
    2. The initials of the founder
    3. A representation of a mathematical algorithm
    4. It doesn’t mean anything. It just sounded good in front of “search”

  5. The Fourth of July commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There is another country that celebrates its independence on July 4 as well, only this country declared independence FROM the United States. Which country is it?
    1. Puerto Rico
    2. Cuba
    3. Philippines
    4. Micronesia

Answer Key

  1. A: Email was first mentioned in a Supreme Court Decision in 1972. In the decision US. V. Midwest Video Corp, email is referred to as “electronic mail delivery.”

  2. C: The first IoT device was a soda machine. Not only could it tell how many bottles were in the machine, but it could also determine the temperature. It became the first IoT device with its own IP address:

  3. D: The Shakespeare quote that would most likely be eliminated in a search for noise words is “to be or not to be.” These noise words are determined by dtSearch and the list can be modified. 

  4. B: The “dt” in “dtSearch” stand for the initials of its founder. David Thede incorporated dtSearch in 1991, a few years after law school at the University of Michigan. 

  5. C: The other country that celebrates its independence on July 4 is the Philippines, which commemorates its independence from the United States on July 4, 1946.

From your friends at Relativity, we hope you have a happy and safe July Fourth weekend.

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Daniel Pelc was a senior manager of industry marketing at Relativity. He is now director of client solutions and integration at NightOwl.

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