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Flexible Workflow Ideas for Relativity Legal Hold

Nik Balepur

Released this spring, Relativity Legal Hold is our new legal hold management application. As with anything Relativity, our team built Legal Hold to be as flexible as possible—allowing for custom uses of the application. Here are a few ideas on how you can use Legal Hold outside of the standard hold process.

Legal Hold can help you track projects and send email notifications inside the applications. Those email notifications can be set up to grant recipients access to a questionnaire portal. Because every questionnaire can be built from scratch, any online survey—such as a poll on preferred perks, feedback on a department meeting, or attendance to a company event—is possible with absolutely no need for custom programming.

To give you a better idea of how this kind of communication can be managed inside Legal Hold, let’s map the hold function using the example of gathering feedback on a company meeting:

An admin can track the current project. In our example, this is the employee feedback on the department meeting.

Although an administrator can sync all employees through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)— used to lookup directory information—the project admin can set the specific department’s members as ‘custodians’ for communications on this project.

The project owner can create email content to be sent to the department’s employees.

A project admin can setup customized questionnaires to gather feedback on the department-wide meeting. Since questionnaires have logic-based forms, they can be used to:

•    Probe with follow-up questions based on the employee’s response
•    Alert managers depending on the feedback
•    Send a follow-up email with further details and responses to the employee feedback

Questionnaires can be sent out along with reminders and alerts, providing real time reporting on employee feedback from the department meeting.

All of these functions are integrated with no customization and can easily be implemented by an administrator—such as the department head or HR coordinator. We hope this gives you some useful, non-traditional ideas for using the new Legal Hold. If you are already working with similar scenarios, we welcome feedback on your successes—and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Nik was a member of Relativity’s customer success team.