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Introducing Document Intelligence (and 3 More Updates to Streamline Your Projects)

Ann Marie Lane

You work hard to discover the truth, and you expect the same from your technology. This month, we’ve released enhancements that aim to make e-discovery more connected, and even convenient.

The top four new features, available in RelativityOne this weekend, give you deeper knowledge about your documents, further support for foreign language review, options to analyze user activity across multiple matters, and document coding on your phone.

1. Document Intelligence to discover hidden content.

When a single document could make or break your case, you don’t want to miss a word during review. New document intelligence features identify hidden content in documents, provide visual indicators, and give you the option to expose that material during review.

Hidden Content in Excel

A pop-up box notifies you if a Microsoft document contains hidden information, including rows, columns, and sheets in Excel and comments and slide notes in PowerPoint. It also lets you know whether the hidden items are visible in the viewer and gives you the option to expose them, allowing you to review more than meets the eye. A blue indicator marks if the cell contains a formula in Microsoft Excel, revealing the formula when selected.

Hidden Content in  PowerPoint

Additional document intelligence brings your attention to tracked changes in Microsoft Word or comments on a PDF, so nothing slips through the cracks. We’ve also enhanced the rendering of ICAL and VCARD files to create a more native review experience.

2. Email threading support for French emails.

With litigation and investigations spanning the globe, it's common to encounter email data sets containing multiple languages. Analytics tools can significantly reduce review time in these projects. And now that email threading supports French emails, you can take advantage of one of our most powerful Analytics features by threading French and English emails.

Customers have been asking for foreign language email threading support, and we’re in the process of delivering support for additional languages (enfin). More to come soon.

3. More options to edit actions and analyze audits across workspaces.

Last month we announced an enhancement to the audit application in Data Grid, Relativity’s NoSQL data store, allowing you to analyze audit data for your Relativity instance such as identifying potentially malicious login attempts. This month, we've expanded these enhancements to offer the ability to aggregate audit data across multiple workspaces to search, visualize, and analyze user activity such as document edits.

If a case is too large for a single workspace, you'll be able to review all of its audit data in one place, making it easier to pull data requested by a client or colleague and make informed business decisions.

Audit Dashboard Across Workspaces

4. iPhone support for the Relativity mobile app.

Whether you’re traveling to meet a client or sitting in a deposition, the native Relativity mobile application gives you secure access to your documents and saved searches when you need them. As you code documents or leave comments, your changes are instantly reflected in Relativity. And now, you don't even need to have your iPad on hand. You can use the Relativity mobile app on your iPhone. There are more enhancements on the horizon to make this option even easier, so stay tuned to our next updates to learn more.

Ann Marie is a senior manager of product marketing for text analytics and review in Relativity, working closely with the product teams to understand customer needs and strengthen the platform. She has nine years of experience marketing for the technology and software industries.