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Introducing Fest Focus: The Corporate Vision

Samantha Kandah

We’re more than a week into September, and that means Relativity Fest is coming up fast—in fact, it’s less than six weeks away.

It’s humbling to be able to say that the conference has become one of the largest in e-discovery, and it’s growing in prevalence for the legal tech field as well. But it isn’t just about the work—it’s about the people.

Attendees at Relativity Fest come from many backgrounds, encompassing academic, government, law firm, service provider, and in-house legal roles.

This year at Relativity Fest, we’re introducing the first annual Fest Focus: The Corporate Vision—a track of by-invitation, corporate-only sessions focused on the unique regulatory, e-discovery, and business transformation challenges that in-house and legal operations teams face. It’s a focus area facing increasing pressure from today’s legal and regulatory environment, and we’re excited to serve up some dedicated content for this audience during this year’s conference.

An unrivaled agenda, heavy-hitting speakers, and networking opportunities galore—it’s going to be a packed few days for our guests. Because it’s brand new, we wanted to share the latest on what you can expect at Fest Focus.

Takeaways to Expect

We’ll kick off our program with our founder, Andrew Sieja, and guest speakers to discuss the changing role of in-house legal teams. In this session—“From Fixer to Innovator: The Changing Role of In-house Legal Teams”—a series of short talks will focus on how the role of general counsel is shifting to strategic innovator and what that manes for in-house legal teams.

What You’ll Learn: Come ready to listen to first-hand perspectives on how today’s legal teams can go beyond protecting their businesses and start transforming them for the next phase of growth. You’ll also hear insights on how technology and creativity can help fuel that change.

Next, another panel of guest speakers will share stories of how corporations have used technology like Relativity to evolve how they work, to drive efficiencies, and achieve their security and risk mitigation goals. “Successfully Transforming Legal Departments: A Customer Panel” will share stories of pivoting and innovating to address emerging trends in the legal or regulatory spaces—and the ways in which e-discovery technology has contributed to larger business transformation. 

What You’ll Learn: Real world perspectives on how your peers are innovating in the face of the legal and regulatory challenges of today will bring plenty of motivation to the table when to comes to setting goals for your team. Don’t miss your chance to make the most of it.

Finally, we’ll focus more on the delightful than professional side of all this transformation business. During a session entitled “Staying True to the Value You Deliver in an Always-changing Business,” iHeartRadio’s Shirley Strawberry, co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, will discuss her experience in broadcast radio—and how she anticipates and adapts to the ever-increasing forces of change.

What You’ll Learn: Shirley will share stories from her own journey and how, throughout the course of her career, she’s adapted to address ever-changing customer needs while remaining true to herself. What does that mean for you? A lot of inspiration to help you move forward.

Find the In-house Tribe

Whether you’re brand new to the corporate segment or have been knee-deep in in-house law for your entire career, there’s no teacher like experience. Sometimes, the lessons learned in this way are hard-won. But it doesn’t have to be that way every time.

In addition to crowdsourcing insights from the speakers during this year’s Fest Focus sessions, you’ll have opportunities to meet and mingle with others in the corporate space who have been where you are—as well as those who want to get there. Joining them in conversation to share best practices, hear experiences, and exchange lessons learned.

These conversations will help you mitigate risks and anticipate needs for your company by showcasing how the same questions and concerns went down for your peers.

We’re excited to create a dedicated environment for this dialogue at Relativity Fest for the first time this year. If you’re a corporate legal professional and you’d like an invitation to Fest Focus, let us know. We can’t wait to meet you.

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Samantha Kandah is a senior manager of industry marketing at Relativity, where she focuses on understanding and advocating for in-house legal teams.