Introducing Relativity Match Maker: Isn't It Time to e-Discover the Love of Your Life?

by Shawn Gaines on April 01, 2016

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This satirical blog post and product announcement were created for kCura’s April Fools’ Day 2016 celebration. (We wish it were real, too!)

We’re busy. Seriously.

In a Harvard Business School study of 1,000 professionals, nearly half worked more than 65 hours a week. On top of that, according to The Economist, 60 percent of smartphone users are connected to work for 13.5 hours or more a day—which we suppose leaves time for sleep and (maybe) a round of Goat Simulator.

But where then do we find time for one of the most important things in life—love? It’s not always easy to turn away from work, jump to your iPhone, and start swiping in all kinds of directions. If it’s not part of your day-to-day, it’s just not going to happen.

So why not have a complete platform that integrates romance directly into your work? As a result, we’ve leveraged Relativity’s platform capabilities to build Relativity Match Maker—the first dating app integrated directly into your e-discovery software.

Imagine a dating app with all the key features you need for e-discovery. Find a dating profile that you like, but maybe isn’t quite perfect? Use the related items pane to find similar profiles and grab that diamond from the rough. Stuck going to a wedding this weekend and need the ideal date? With 135,000 active Relativity users out there, it’s easy to scale up and hone in on the ideal partner.

Check out this demo to learn more:




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