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Meet Relativity and Cellebrite's Mobile Advisory Board

Kyra Saley

“As a former customer myself, I know how important it is to understand how [a] product will actually be used in the ‘real world,’”  Cristin Traylor, director of law firm strategy at Relativity (previously discovery counsel at McGuireWoods LLP), said during an interview for our recent editorial on generative AI in RelativityOne.

Cristin’s right: it’s essential to have customers’ input on new software, guiding development with insights on their wants, needs, and any restrictions of their everyday use. That’s why Relativity’s product teams gathers panels of users to help us build the best possible solutions to real-world challenges. We call them our advisory boards.

Taking the time to gather this input builds a bridge between a software provider’s ideas and a legal team’s actual use cases. It ensures not just a useful end result, but a more open mind to the adoption of new tools in a market that’s generally averse to change—but also subject to the rapid evolution of technology and shifting regulatory landscapes.

At Relativity, the roadmap for our products is built not just by our engineers, but by our community. Product managers at Relativity spend a ton of time talking and visiting with the folks who use our software every day, looking for every opportunity to make it more productive for them.

This is important for all new products, but it’s especially key for the forensics tools that make advanced workflows possible. Because if you can’t access and ingest the data, you certainly can’t analyze it, discover the truth in it, or act on it.

In the realm of mobile data specifically, forensics teams are clamoring for the most efficient ways to bring evolving types of information into RelativityOne. As every app developer puts a new data type onto users’ phones, it’s these folks who have the responsibility of knowing where that data is, whether they’ll need it for their next matter, and how to go about getting at it. It’s a feat to keep up, to put it mildly.

It’s our responsibility to help.

Our New Mobile Advisory Board

Recently, our team has collaborated with Cellebrite to assemble a panel of customers who can help us understand the current landscape of mobile data collection, where our existing tools are helpful, and where they need more from us.

We selected these board members because they are engaged and passionate members of our community who have shown dedication to improving the e-discovery and forensics space. These are the types of users who actively share their feedback with us—positive and negative—and are frequently willing to talk it out in great detail so we can get to the bottom of how we can best evolve the product to keep up with their needs.

Their enthusiasm and experience will help us address the many challenges associated with mobile data and help our community better embrace its power for revealing the truth of every matter. We are excited to collaborate with such a dynamic and knowledgeable group of individuals.

But we don’t want the experience to be one-sided. This is a give-and-take adventure, where our board members can share their valuable insight with our engineers, and we can lift them up with thought leadership opportunities, sneak previews of new tools and workflows, and a forum for peer-to-peer learning that can help them implement new best practices across each of their teams.

With the help of this group, we’ve outlined a mission statement that will serve as our guiding star in how we work together to set up the future of mobile data discovery with RelativityOne:

Mobile Advisory Board Mission 

Our mission as the Cellebrite + Relativity Mobile Advisory Board is to create and recognize a community of thought leaders to drive innovation for mobile data within e-discovery. This forum will provide the opportunity for regular collaboration and best practice sharing, thus enabling our wider user community to work efficiently and effectively with our products.  

We aim to create and evangelize best practices for the industry via thought leadership, leveraging the challenges and requirements surfaced by the advisory board. With this information we aspire to influence industry standards and introduce processes and procedures for handling and reviewing mobile short message data across forensics and e-discovery users. 

Getting to Know our Board Members

At Relativity Fest 2023, Relativity and Cellebrite hosted a lunch for our board members. We wanted to get to know them, hear their input on our products (existing ones as well as future-facing ideas), and introduce what it’ll be like to participate in a community like this one.

The group was a delight, even in those early moments of getting together. Each attendee was open and honest, as well as supportive and ready to discuss everyone’s input.

During that session, we learned a few things that we’re excited to carry well into the future of the group (and our mobile forensic strategy):

  • Everyone does mobile device collection a bit differently. Some have typical workflows and preferences they like to use, but even then, a different request or production format from opposing counsel can throw off those strategies. This is a huge source of frustration; as a result, some universal standards would be welcomed by most—if not all—of our board members.
  • Still, they all have a positive, agile attitude about this work, in spite of these unpredictable hurdles. Everyone in the room was happy to share best practices and learn from each other, rather than being overly attached to “the way we’ve always done things.”
  • They are not shy about sharing the most painful points of their workflows. All of our board members are honest with us about where our products are helpful and where they need work. But more than that, they’re happy to workshop that feedback with us—turning complaints into constructive guidance on how we might move forward.
  • The group is friendly, professional, and whip-smart. Some of the board members already knew one another; others made fast friends. Each was happy to engage in a lively, professional conversation, enjoy a meal together, and exchange thoughts and ideas that could help each other—as well as Cellebrite and Relativity—grow and adapt.

We’re super grateful to this group for their participation and can’t wait to see what they can teach our wider community, what they can learn from each other, and, of course, what they can help us build moving forward. And I’m honored to say that they’re pretty bright-eyed about what’s ahead, too.

“I’m so excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work with this all-star team to close the education and knowledge gap involved with mobile discovery and e-discovery,” Shannon Bales, automated litigation support manager at Munger, Tolles & Olson, recently told us. “Empowered legal data professionals who level up their skills will gain winning insight into their data, and be able to efficiently solve complex legal technical problems.”

Danielle T. Davidson, head strategic advisor for the Advanced e-Discovery and AI Strategy Group at Ropes & Gray, shared a similar sentiment: “The board will positively impact the community given its varied composition—law firms, service providers, other technologists—all working together with a single common goal: to solve the mobile data ‘problems’ of e-discovery by working toward making the collection, processing, and hosting of that data more efficient, accessible, and uniform across the industry.”

How to Find Board Members and Get Hands-on with RelativityOne

Wondering where you’ll get to hear from our board members? Fear not: we won’t be keeping them all to ourselves. You’ll be able to catch their insights at upcoming events like Relativity Fest London, our webinars, and more. Just keep an eye on The Relativity Blog to stay abreast of these learning opportunities and more.

Interested in participating in a board like this in the future? Be sure to let us know of your interest by communicating with your account executive or our product team next time we chat; it’s helpful to have these names in our back pocket for future opportunities! I’d also encourage you to take advantage of Advance Access programs, when available, and a RelativityOne sandbox environment. Doing so will enable you to try out some new features and tools before they become generally available, and provide feedback to us that can help us improve our platform to better suit your needs.

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Kyra Saley is a manger of partnerships and alliances at Relativity.

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