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One Last Look Back at the Innovation Awards and Announcing our 2023 Finalists

Michael Obregon

As fun as our journey looking back at the last decade of the Innovation Awards has been, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Now, before you get too bummed out, we still have plenty more to celebrate. Relativity Fest is just around the corner, and very soon you’ll see our 2023 winners’ names in lights.

In the meantime, as we close our series looking back at the past decade of innovations, we also move forward by announcing this year’s finalists in our technology categories.

Don’t miss the awards ceremony next Tuesday, September 26, to find out who will take home this year’s trophies. We can’t wait to see you in Chicago!

Back-to-Back Winner: Lineal, a Developmental Powerhouse

It’s rare to obtain back-to-back wins in the Innovation Awards. Looking back at the last 10 years, it’s only happened a handful of times. You can count Lineal Services as one of those rare winners. In 2021, they won the Community Vote with their submission, AI Applications. In 2022, they followed that up with a win in the Solution Provider category with Lineal Amplify and Images.

Their regular applications for the Innovation Awards helped solidify Lineal’s commitment to creating value-driven applications for their clients, utilizing next-gen technology to uniquely drive workflows and classify documents.

An Innovation Awards Staple: Troutman eMerge and a decade of Innovations

We couldn’t wrap our series without mentioning our first ever Enterprise winner again. Troutman eMerge has actually submitted an Innovation Awards entry an impressive six times over the past decade, including a submission this year. In 2022, they took home the win with eMerge Xtractor, an application that utilizes Microsoft Cognitive Services and Azure Form Recognizer to extract data found in forms, invoices, et cetera, and populates the data into RelativityOne fields for easier search, review, and analysis. Troutman eMerge has always been at the forefront of application development, and the Innovation Awards wouldn’t be the same with them.

Your 2023 Innovation Awards Finalists

As fun as it’s been to reminisce, I am just as excited to announce our finalists for the technology categories in the 2023 Innovation Awards! Let’s dig in.


Alston & Bird – MetaHistogram by Alston Analytics:

Managing active learning projects in Relativity involves frequent reference to the active learning Document Rank Distribution histogram view to understand project status and projected documents remaining for review. Alston & Bird’s Alston Analytics team developed the MetaHistogram custom tab in Relativity to visualize and investigate the evolution of these Rank Distribution Histograms throughout the document review lifecycle. Users can view an animated history of the whole project, filter to particular subsets or dates, compare how changes to the rank cutoff could affect remaining review time and production volume, and understand when documents were added to the project and how that impacted the rank distribution. This provides both a valuable reference tool on existing projects and a visually compelling story to demonstrate the effectiveness of active learning in presentations to prospective future teams.

Maurice Blackburn – String:

String is a Microsoft Word add-on that allows legal teams to analyze memos, file notes, affidavits, et cetera, and hyperlinks any document ID references automatically. String authenticates to a Relativity workspace and uses Regular Expressions to identify document ID patterns. If the document listed in the case material resides in the workspace, then it is hyperlinked in the report. If it does not, a notification will trigger to the user.

Troutman Pepper eMerge – eMerge Copy Search:

Often times large, identical, and complex saved searches are used across different workspaces. A user must manually recreate these types of searches from scratch, increasing the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies. Copy Search allows a user to effortlessly replicate saved searches from one workspace to another while maintaining the exact same search conditions.

Solution Provider

BDO – Athenagy™:

Athenagy™ is a patent-pending, proprietary business intelligence platform that helps solve a data transparency problem in the market. New this year is AthenagyAI! By leveraging Azure OpenAI - GPT 3.5 services into Athenagy, users can ask specific questions about their data in Relativity and get instant answers, as well as a snippet from the corresponding dashboard and a link to the right widget within that dashboard. 

Deloitte – Audio Discovery:

In today’s diverse media landscape, there are many different file types and languages in which media is stored. Deloitte’s Audio Discovery powered by TrueVoice has been developed as a solution in ingesting and displaying media files in Relativity for review. The application can also analyze media in different languages, redact both the media and its extracted text, and conduct one search across various media files in Relativity with integrated advanced searching.  

Deloitte – Clarity:

Organizations face operational challenges in e-discovery. Incident response, investigation, and remediation activities due to large and complex document volumes can lead to longer lead times, more frequent errors, increased cost, or resource strain. Clarity leverages AI capabilities, including Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), classification, extraction, and automatic redaction, to help users streamline efforts to identify PII in exposed documents, expediting breach notifications, and minimizing the impact on affected individuals. 

And there we have it! We’ve wrapped up our look back at the Innovation Awards of yesteryear and are moving forward with a sneak peek at this year’s finalists. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey—and maybe even drawn a little inspiration to tackle your own development projects. If you’re curious about who this year’s winners will be, well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out. There’s still time to register to see all the action in person (or online, in real time).

Thank you for joining me on this look back and cheers to another 10 years of amazing innovations. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with next!

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Michael Obregon is a senior pre-sales engineer at Relativity.