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Vote for Your Favorite Apps in the 10th Annual Relativity Innovation Awards

Michael Obregon

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Relativity Innovation Awards! If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll know that my co-host (Blair Cohen) and I aim to bring it each and every year. This year will be no different! After an entire decade, how could we not go bigger and better?

I know what you’re thinking: “Mike how could you possibly go bigger than previous years?” And I’d agree with you, because the energy (see photos below) was unreal. But don’t worry—we have some surprises in mind.

There’s plenty of time to make sure you catch the show live. You can still register for Fest here.

Now, to be clear, we at Relativity love the Innovation Awards and all the creativity and fun that goes into them—but this is not about us! This is about you. The Innovation Awards were made to celebrate this community and the amazing work you are doing. What better milestone to stop and reflect back on all you’ve accomplished than our 10-year mark? If you haven’t been catching them already, you can take a look at previous winners and tidbits from past shows through my recent and continuing blog series.

2023 Trends in Custom Legal Tech

We’ve seen some amazing submissions over the years, and that trend absolutely continued in 2023. Here are some quick themes among our applicants this year:

  • Of course, what’s the hot topic of the year? ChatGPT and generative AI. BDO and vdiscovery are showing us the potential of integrating services like this into Relativity.
  • We all know the critical importance of identifying PII in data sets. KPMG, HaystackID, and Deloitte are building their own advanced applications for identification and extraction of this data.
  • Let’s not forget groups like Epiq, JND, and Crowdstrike, who are giving their clients more transparency into their matters—always a high-demand priority in the legal community!
  • And speaking of consistently high-demand priorities, Troutman, Morgan Lewis, and Cimplifi are creating tools to streamline searching for their clients.

Best of all in the awards process it that you get to decide who joins us on stage at this monumental event. Community voting for this year’s Innovation Awards is now open!

Cast your vote for your favorite applications to see who this year’s finalists and winners will be. You can get a quick glimpse of all this year’s submissions below. To learn more about the apps and see them in action, click the voting survey here—and don’t forget to choose your favorites!

2023 Innovation Awards Nominees

Best Innovation: Enterprise

Kilpatrick – LitSmart AutoLinker provides a hyperlinked field in offline reports that links to documents in Relativity. It also exports offline packages of all documents, natives, images, and work product.

Maurice Blackburn – String is a Word add-on, that allows legal teams to analyze memos, filenotes, affidavits, et cetera, and hyperlink any document ID references automatically.

MetaHistogram Alston Analytics (Alston & Bird) enables users to view an animated history of an active learning project, filter to subsets or dates, and compare how changes to the rank cutoff could affect remaining review time and production volume.

Morgan Lewis – Create Teams Chat Thread ID leverages sorting of Team chats by Parent Date, so users can group the chats in thread order—enabling teams to conduct more efficient reviews of chats and their attachments.

Morgan Lewis – Relativity Training and Skill Testing/Assessment Platforms is an internal training and education system. It includes hands-on, self-paced modules and testing exercises to quickly bring teams up to speed on workflows.

Morgan Lewis – Search Term Validator is a dtSearch QC tool that checks the validation of search components like basic operators, unbalanced parenthesis/quotes, noise word detection, and proximity operators.

Torys – SSO ADD can add single sign-on as an optional login method for users based on a .csv file.

Troutman Pepper eMerge – eMerge Copy Search allows a user to effortlessly replicate saved searches from one workspace to another while maintaining the exact same search conditions.

Best Innovation: Solution Provider

Acorn – Message ID Deduplication provides custom tools and workflows to assist with analyzing documents and identifying duplicates using a combination of the Message-ID and additional metadata fields. 

BDO – Athenagy™ leverages Azure Open AI - GPT 3.5 services. Users can ask specific questions about their data in Relativity, get instant answers, and be provided with a snippet from a corresponding dashboard and a link the user can click on to bring them to the appropriate widget.

Cimplifi – CI Search is an advanced automated search term normalization platform that reduces the manual process of reviewing and validating search terms, preventing common errors and inaccurate results.

Cimplifi – CI Contract leverages custom AI models so large contract portfolios can be quickly searched and de-duplicated, analyzed, have key data extracted, and reviewed, culminating in a report for analysis, reducing time, resources, and costs typically associated with large-scale contract review.

Deloitte – Clarity leverages AI capabilities, including Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), for classification, extraction, and automatic redaction. Clarity helps users streamline efforts to identify PII exposed documents, expediting breach notifications and minimizing the impact on affected individuals.

Deloitte – Deloitte Audio Discovery powered by TrueVoice analyzes media in different languages, redacting both the media and its extracted text, and integrated advanced searching. The tool enables clients and users to simply conduct one search across various media files in Relativity.   

Deloitte – RelativityOne with Deloitte ZTA (Zero Trust Access) integrates with the Authentication Provider process to establish a secure tunnel to RelativityOne that cannot be bypassed and gives customers additional access and data protection controls. 

elaw – Ostentus integrates functionality used for presentation during trials, arbitrations, depositions, and other hearings directly into RelativityOne. This creates a unified ecosystem where legal teams can seamlessly transition from e-discovery to analysis to presentation.

Epiq – Epiq RelativityOne Insights Dashboard gives RelativityOne customers the ability to evaluate business-critical information. Dashboard admins have access to at-a-glance subscription details, deep understanding of storage efficiency, and critical financial forecasting for their RelativityOne footprint.

HaystackID – Protect Analytics AI for Relativity deploys advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to identify more than 140 sensitive data types specific to different regions, including age, gender, religion, employment, and ethnic group.

JND – Sonar allows clients to get a quick overview of usage on data and users, while providing a historical view over the prior year. Additional benefits include user activity insights, the ability to quickly disable users with a single click, and simple visualizations that can be easily exported.

KPMG – KPMG PII Extractor creates a simple GUI with reports to an object in order to capture and report on affected data of various data types.

Lighthouse – Bulk Fields Creation in Relativity, rather than creating fields individually, create a .csv containing just Field Name and Field Type that can be uploaded to a custom object. This is picked up by an agent which creates the fields with default settings.

Lineal – Lineal Cloud was designed to deliver Lineal’s AI applications to any RelativityOne or Relativity Server instance in the world. By leveraging Lineal Cloud, users can deploy custom workflows to any Relativity workspace regardless of the service provider, Relativity version, or instance location.

Page One – CodeBank functions as a central repository to store coding decisions. CodeBank can deploy saved coding decisions for privilege, confidentiality, PII, and other coding designations to new workspaces. This application helps teams reduce time and costs during the course of review.

Sky Discovery – Sky Custom Native Translation was developed as a solution for machine translation of technical language, which forces the translation engine to translate words and phrases in a pre-defined way.

Transperfect – JetSuite, by distributing work across multiple physical or virtual machines, has shown an average of 80 percent reduction in the time it takes to import/export documents. JetSuite also provides other features, including custom field headers for exports and propagation of coding and redactions across duplicative documents.

vdiscovery – VLM integrates generative AI and large language models into Relativity. This lets users create summaries of documents, emails, text message conversations, depositions, and more. VLM provides a hybrid approach to integration and allows users to run these processes behind a firewall or through Azure. 

Don't Miss Your Chance to Participate

Relativity Fest takes place September 26-28, 2023, in Chicago. Register here to make sure you can join us in person and see our winners take the stage. And don’t forget to vote on your favorite Innovation Award submissions to try and help them take home the trophy. Community voting is open until August 25.

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Michael Obregon is a senior pre-sales engineer at Relativity.