The Rule of 3 for e-Discovery: Individual, Organization, & Community

by Mary Rechtoris on October 31, 2019

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In many ways, Relativity Fest operates under the rule of threes. The event has three conference tracks—legal education, professional development, and of course, the product.

The event spans three days. (Well, technically the event runs from Sunday to Wednesday. But, Sunday and Wednesday are half days, with one involving popcorn and refreshments. Safe to say, this adheres to the three narrative we have going. Case adjourned.)

Finally, our CEO Mike Gamson’s keynote address also had three focus areas. He shared how the work done in Relativity impacts individuals, organizations, and the larger community—within and beyond the legal field.

Here is how people like you are making that happen.

Empowering Individuals

Throughout the industry, many professionals are challenging themselves and others to achieve excellence. For some, this may come in the form of career advancement. Others do it by developing a product that transforms the discovery process. In this video played at Relativity Fest, we highlighted a few such stories. See how Monserrat Esparaza, Antonio Avant, Dave Hasman, Sue Seeley, and Chris Knox are making an impact.



Empowering Organizations

On an organizational level, technology has the potential to drive wide-scale efficiency. Charisma Starr, Exelon’s manager of legal technology and e-discovery operations, took the stage at Relativity Fest to share why Exelon moved to RelativityOne—and why the company sees great potential in Relativity Trace.



Empowering the Community

Members of the larger e-discovery community are driving change. Often, they are using the power of data to enact social good. During his keynote, Mike introduced our new way of storytelling with On the Merits. The documentary series shares stories of how the e-discovery community is positively changing people’s lives. We tell these stories through our partners—Meta-e Discovery and Paul, Weiss.



These stories are powerful in illustrating how people can make great waves with technology. Our team had a wonderful time sharing these stories with our community last week. We can’t wait to see what the industry accomplishes heading into 2020.  

Mary Rechtoris is a senior producer on the Brand team, Relativity’s in-house creative team, where she works closely with the multimedia team and the larger marketing department to develop and socialize new ways to tell stories.


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