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Setting the Stage for Aero UI and a Simply Powerful Solution

Liz Lieberman

Whether you’re in-house counsel, a partner at a law firm, or a product marketer at a legal technology company, we can all agree we want technology to be easy. We want it to empower us to get things done quickly. We expect even complex business software to be as intuitive as the applications on our smartphones.

But it’s not quite that simple. We also need technology to handle whatever is thrown its way.

At Relativity, we intimately understand this paradigm. There’s a fine line between the power to handle the complexity of e-discovery and litigation and the intuition users need. In rolling out Aero UI, RelativityOne’s new user interface, we’re walking the line.

Aero UI will transform how our community interacts with RelativityOne, offering a solution that’s easy to use and capable of solving both complex business challenges and small matters. A solution that’s simply powerful.

Over the next few months, we’ll be using the blog to share our Simply Powerful journey, from our product vision to our design philosophy. We start today with a peek into what “powerful” really means.

More than Horsepower

Our approach to user experience at Relativity is grounded in a strong conviction that a software user shouldn’t have to choose between a simple experience and robust capabilities. You don’t just need something flashy and intuitive—you need it to handle the complexity that e-discovery demands.

It’s no secret that RelativityOne is powerful enough to meet those needs—if you know how to use it. Aero UI eliminates that “if.”

It removes the barrier to entry and makes the platform something every user—technical or not—can use confidently and constructively.

But power is about more than speed and the ability to quickly get to review. It’s scalability, security, and extensibility. Simply powerful is…

  • Easily managing performance during peak times.
  • Resting assured your data is safe.
  • Extending the platform to meet the unique needs of your case or your business.

With Aero, we’re giving you the most powerful features in the industry exactly when you need them. Tackle the big stuff, tackle the small stuff, and focus on the work at hand.

A Nod to the Future

RelativityOne is a platform you can run your legal business on. Aero UI enables you to have the best of both worlds: simplicity and power. With this combination, the legal community can efficiently accomplish the smallest of tasks, up to the most complex matters in the world. We’re really excited for our first set of users to get their hands on the new UI and experience the benefits of working in a Simply Powerful platform. And we can’t wait to officially release Aero later this year.

But Aero is only the beginning. This Simply Powerful mindset extends much beyond 2020 and our UI. It represents a fundamental shift in how we approach building RelativityOne. With every new feature and product we deliver to RelativityOne, we’ll be bringing this approach to life. This includes continuing to rebuild pages and workflows to drive simplicity, while retaining the power and flexibility required of a world-class e-discovery solution.

We’re committed to making e-discovery Simply Powerful, and we’re excited to deliver Aero UI later this year.

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Liz Lieberman is a member of the product marketing team at Relativity, working closely with the product teams to understand customer needs and strengthen the platform.

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