Setting the Bar for Fast and Agile e-Discovery [VIDEOS]

by Sam Bock on November 01, 2017

Community , Legal & Industry Education

A week after closing Relativity Fest—and a day after fueling up on candy—we’ve mostly recovered our energy after four days of learning and jiving with the e-discovery community. What we’ve come away with this year is some serious awe for what professionals in this space are accomplishing every day.

All week long, we heard stories of lightning fast and impressively adaptive workflows that are tackling the toughest challenges today’s data landscape can present. The technology helps, sure—but it’s the creativity of the people using the software that really speaks volumes about innovation in our space.

Today, speed and flexibility are not just in demand for e-discovery—they’re a matter of course. Our community is faster, stronger, and smarter than ever. Check out these stories, presented during our founder and CEO Andrew Sieja’s Relativity Fest keynote, to see how.

JND eDiscovery: Cloud-based Creativity

Scott Lombard, a senior vice president at JND eDiscovery, talked through how his team’s move to the cloud has added forward-thinking value for their business, while preserving their ability to create an application that recently saved a client $2.5 million on a review project.


FTI: “Whatever, Whenever” Solutions

While Daryl Teshima, senior managing director, and Wendy King, managing director, from FTI were on stage, the takeaway was that unflinching support means real success. With a huge team and an exceptionally challenging project portfolio, FTI is making high-touch e-discovery their mission.


Drinker Biddle: Interrogate Data, Not Just People

Analytics guru Bennett Borden, chief data scientist at Drinker Biddle, talked about how tech-savvy lawyers know that leveraging the right tools makes them better investigators and litigators—and that can make all the difference for their clients, cases, and careers.


Sam Bock is a member of the marketing communications team at Relativity, and serves as editor of The Relativity Blog.