Simplifying and Accelerating How Hong Kong Conducts e-Discovery [Slideshow]

When we rolled out RelativityOne in Hong Kong earlier this year, we took another step in our vision of simplifying and accelerating how the world conducts e-discovery: offering legal teams in Hong Kong new grounds to tackle their toughest projects.

To celebrate this arrival, we gathered in Hong Kong earlier this summer with some of our Asia Pacific community. Attendees heard from our CEO, Andrew Sieja, on our vision, and received an inside view into the complex cybersecurity features supporting RelativityOne from Matt Spurr, our senior manager of product security.

For John Karamoschos, an associate director at Law in Order who attended the event, the Hong Kong market is one that is fairly new to him—he’s been out there just two years—but the growth has been palpable.

“There have been two central themes I’ve noticed: growth in technology adoption and growth in people,” he explained. “Providers, law firms, and in-house teams seem to be growing at a rapid pace—a noticeable trend has appeared with an increasing amount of people looking to enter the e-discovery and IT forensics space—and it’s all happening so quickly.”

There’s certainly been a lot of buzz about the growth—but what’s the catalyst behind it? 

“The market in Asia is rapidly developing, and Hong Kong is really one of the major hubs,” John added. “We’re looking to expand into other parts of Asia to be able to better serve our clients due to the increase of technology adaption in the region, in particular in the investigations, regulatory responses, arbitrations, and litigation areas.”

Richard Williams, partner at Deloitte and also an attendee, echoed John’s sentiment.

“Hong Kong is an exciting place for e-discovery right now because it’s the Asia Pacific headquarters for so many global firms,” he said. “And as data volumes continue to rise, we’re relying more and more on faster technology to get quicker results, and firms are getting more comfortable with artificial intelligence and analytics.”

It’s not just the larger firms that are adapting and growing: Hong Kong’s startup community is thriving as well. With more than 2,200 startups and 30 incubators, new frontiers for technology consumption are constantly emerging. 

Hong Kong has certainly fostered an impressive and spirited technology-driven community, and we’re excited to be a part of it. In a culture of collaboration, it’s important to bring each region and perspective into the conversation. If you’re itching to learn from these folks—or share your knowledge—don’t miss out on key opportunities to meet and mingle. You’ll get to know colleagues from near and far at ILTACON or Relativity Fest. In the meantime, check out the Relativity Community to start a conversation.



Kelly Velisek is a member of the marketing team at Relativity, where she specializes in customer advocacy.



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