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The Making of Aero UI [Video]

Liz Lieberman

In the legal tech industry, we’re constantly talking about change—growing data volumes, evolving laws and regulations, and new technologies that keep us on our toes. Those changes can be stressful, but it’s not all bad. Sometimes, change is exactly what you need to start doing things better. Take, for example, Aero UI.

If you’re a customer or you follow our blog, you’ve likely heard of Aero, the new RelativityOne user interface coming later this year. Well, Aero is all about positive change.

We’re changing how RelativityOne looks to make it easier for everyone on your team to use. We’re introducing a new approach to user experience, while maintaining the power and flexibility you need for all your workflows. And, perhaps most importantly, we’re changing how we as a team approach engineering and design to bring the user front and center.

In building something as monumental as Aero, we know we can’t do it alone as a product team. We need input from across the organization, including everyone from engineering and product management to marketing, solutions, success—and our customers, too. This diversity of thought has not only improved what we will inevitably bring to market, but has also refined and sharpened our approach to such a large effort.

In the past several months, we’ve pulled engineers from their standard work to swarm on delivering Aero. We’ve expanded User Accepted Testing (UAT) into nontraditional groups to put more eyes on testing so customers experience fewer issues upon upgrade. And we’ve pushed early cuts of Aero out into the wild with our Advance Access Program and Aero Preview Program—two unique opportunities for customers to get into the UI early and offer feedback into what’s working for them and what’s not. 

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes to make Aero ready for launch. To give you a peek into our philosophy, what’s been done, and what customers have been saying so far, I sat down with members of our product management and user experience teams.

Watch the video to hear what it takes to change RelativityOne from powerful to Simply Powerful.

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Liz Lieberman is a member of the product marketing team at Relativity, working closely with the product teams to understand customer needs and strengthen the platform.

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