The Relativity-Microsoft Partnership for Security in the e-Discovery Cloud [Video]

Data organized and analyzed as part of e-discovery is often the most sensitive information that belongs to an organization. The importance of protecting that data is paramount to why Relativity chose Microsoft Azure as the foundation of RelativityOne, the complete platform for e-discovery in the cloud.

To learn what security looks like at a cloud scale and in the high-stakes context of e-discovery, TechRepublic senior writer Dan Patterson sat down for a video interview with Matt Rathbun, Microsoft chief information security officer for Azure government, and Amanda Fennell, Relativity chief security officer, during Legalweek 2018.

Their conversation can serve as a starting point for those interested in how cloud service providers and software developers join forces for security innovation. With TechRepublic’s permission, we’ve collected the interview footage here for Relativity Blog readers. Watch the two-minute videos below for a primer on our partnership, including insights on the role of artificial intelligence in SaaS security and the opportunities the cloud opens for data governance-minded practitioners.


On selecting cloud infrastructure and the partner approach to security:



On the scale (and spend) of Microsoft’s cybersecurity innovation:



On the importance of the human touch:



On the role of automation in threat response:



On pushing beyond the network layer to security based on data classification:



In addition to the ISO 27001 compliance Relativity has earned for our information security practices and operations for RelativityOne, the Microsoft Azure data centers RelativityOne is built on are compliant with ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SSAE-16 SOC 1 and SOC 2, ISO 27018, and dozens more industry certifications. But there’s more to the story of our partnership, and much more that we do as we strive to build the most trusted and reliable cloud solution your organization will ever use.

The security built into the foundation of RelativityOne is part of a larger commitment we call Relativity Trust. Check out the Relativity Trust page and our white paper, Understanding Security in RelativityOne, for the latest on how our people, operations, and software design completes the picture.

Brendan Ryan is a senior manager of content on the marketing communications team at Relativity, where he provides editorial expertise on a wide range of publications, including the Relativity blog, and mentors a team of specialists and senior specialists.


What is Relativity Trust?