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Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 10: White Collar Crime

Brendan Ryan

In an increasingly data-driven world, e-discovery isn’t limited to litigation—it’s become quite relevant in today’s criminal investigations, too. On the latest episode of Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast, we’re talking white collar crime and all its fascinating nuances.

Our esteemed guest is Cristin Traylor, counsel at McGuireWoods and owner of a delightful pair of custom-made Relativity earrings. She joins the Relativian gang—Daniel Pelc, Constantine Pappas, Don Sawyer, Anna Siroonian, and David Horrigan—to discuss the merits of dogs versus cats, the nuances of digital criminal communication, Graceland, and whether judges are getting increasingly involved in discovery discussions across case types.

You’ll also learn about the titillating “criminal” histories of our panelists.

This episode is sponsored by RelativityOne Certified Partner Charles River Associates. Keep up with the Uncivil Procedure on Twitter, Instagram, The Relativity Blog, or the Relativity Community, to join the conversation between episodes.

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Brendan Ryan was Relativity’s senior manager of partner marketing.