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Unpacking Legal and Compliance Trends at Spotlight: Asia

Jacque Flaherty

Relativity’s growth in Asia accelerated a few years ago when, alongside a global explosion of data and different data types, we started leveraging our technology for a wider array of legal and compliance use cases, including investigations, cross-border litigation, and proactive compliance monitoring.

Asia, by virtue of having many distinct countries making up one region, required that solutions satisfy data sovereignty rules, so when we expanded the places where RelativityOne was hosted—a list that now includes Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and India, among others—we increased the number of customers leveraging RelativityOne.

With an expanding footprint, access to highly skilled professionals grew with it. Over the past few years, we’ve seen active Relativity certifications in Asia reach 1,066, with new Relativity Experts and Masters being added all the time. We’ve built four new RelativityOne geographies based in Asia responding to customer demand, and we’ve supported our customers in region who are putting more data than ever into RelativityOne. Plus, we’re continually impressed by our customers using RelativityOne to solve significant unstructured data challenges.

That’s why we’re excited to bring this community together virtually for our first-ever Spotlight: Asia event on 7 April.

An Opportunity to Learn from Your Peers

Spotlight: Asia will connect our community across Asia for an afternoon to learn about trends that are specific to the market and provide insight into what’s coming in RelativityOne to help solve modern data challenges.

The educational sessions include:

An Executive Overview of the Latest Features Coming to RelativityOne

Legal and compliance professionals are under higher expectations than ever before as the changing size and shape of data transform the ways we all work and communicate. Join members of Relativity’s executive team for an update on how Relativity’s community of users across Asia are responding to today's most complex challenges, and how the latest updates in RelativityOne are powering a smarter, more secure way to work.

A Primer on Proactively Detecting Risk with Relativity Trace

We’re communicating in more ways and on more platforms than ever before. Regulatory requirements and potential reputational damage make it crucial for organisations to have the technology in place to help detect risk. Join the Relativity Trace team as we cover how Relativity Trace helps surveillance teams monitor and review data across a variety of communication channels – from audio, to archive, to e-comms, and beyond.

The State of Legal and Compliance Trends Across Asia

As the investigations and e-discovery markets grow, there’s been a growing need for locally hosted SaaS solutions in Asia. Join us and our panel of RelativityOne Partners as we discuss the trends and challenges they are seeing in legal technology from their respective countries across Asia.

A Chance to Assess the Local Threat Landscape

It’s no surprise that an update on ransomware attacks will make an appearance at the event. Anyone charged with managing highly sensitive will be acutely aware of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks across Asia Pacific.

Whether you have a large and mature security operation or a small homegrown team, be sure to join Relativity’s Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Officer Amanda Fennell for a discussion about how our teams on the ground are understanding important threat vectors and how Relativity’s security team—Calder7— aligns with our customers and technology partners to develop defence-in-depth strategies that lead the industry.

A Look at What’s Coming Next in RelativityOne

Relativity’s Chief Product Officer Chris Brown will also join to share an update on RelativityOne—the solution that’s solving legal and compliance challenges for our customers in Asia. With a continuously developing cloud solution, there are more than 120 new product capabilities to keep track of from the past year alone. Plus, there’s much more to share in RelativityOne’s upcoming roadmap.

Make the Most of Your Time With Us

At Relativity, we love the chance to bring our community together to learn from each other and inspire the next great solutions for legal technology. And we hope you find the educational sessions valuable as well. To accelerate your learning journey, all registrants based in Asia- who attend the event live will receive a voucher for a free Relativity Pro Exam. Plus, all attendees of the live event, regardless of where they’re based, will receive 2 RCE credits per session they attend, up to 6 RCE credits total.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Jacque Flaherty is a senior marketing manager at Relativity, focusing on advocating for our user communities in EMEA and APAC.