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Read Between the Designs: The Visual Theme of Relativity Fest 2018

Amy King

Relativity Fest is one of the most exciting things we do with and for our community. Each year, our users come together at the conference to connect, explore new ways to tackle e-discovery, and transform their businesses.

But our job doesn’t stop at giving you the opportunity to collaborate and learn: we must foster an environment that energizes you and puts you in the right space, physically and mentally, to derive as much insight as possible from the experience.

That’s where Creativity, Relativity’s in-house creative agency, comes in. Crafting the right experience is our team’s top priority for Relativity Fest, and I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into this year’s visual elements.

We choose a visual theme for each year of Relativity Fest, giving every conference a life of its own to provide a unique experience from year to year. Here’s a preview of the aesthetics for Relativity Fest 2018—and how the Relativity marketing team crystallized them with you in mind.

Origami: The RF18 Theme

Everyone’s e-discovery journey is different, and we want Relativity Fest to be a celebration of the unique approaches you take to managing your data, using our software, and engaging with the community. When brainstorming ways to visualize and represent this diversity throughout the event experience, we thought origami was the perfect metaphor.

At its core, the art of origami is taking a simple, flat sheet of paper and folding it into something unexpected. The possibilities of what you can create are endless. You begin with an idea, and after some complex, intentional experimenting (and maybe a little guidance), you end up with something beautiful—something totally new.

While you’re at Relativity Fest, we want the peers you meet and the lessons you learn to inspire you to transform your business and find new ways to tackle your unique mission. What will you create after spending four packed days with the community?

A simple conversation can spark a new idea and help you see your work in a new way, which leads to trying new things, which leads to transformation. That’s origami. We want Relativity Fest to immerse you in this mindset, so we’ll package it into a visual experience rooted in the origami theme.

Bringing the Theme to Life

If you closely examine origami, you’ll see a lot of intricate folds creating new shapes—especially triangles. When you join us in Chicago this fall, you’ll see how the Relativity Fest experience rests on this triangular shape, and it represents important aspects of your overall e-discovery experience.

Triangles will feature six colors, a purposeful decision. Using warmer, friendlier tones creates an approachable environment in which attendees can quickly get comfortable, get to know each other, and get to know the Relativity team. Having six distinct but cohesive colors also coincides nicely with our six core product capabilities (Legal Hold, Early Case Assessment, Processing, Review, Analytics & Assisted Review, and Case Strategy & Transcripts) and six user types (solution providers, law firms, corporations, government agencies, developers, and academics).

By bringing disparate triangular pieces together, we form a new visualization, similar to how our community connects at Relativity Fest to learn new ways to solve e-discovery challenges.

The moving pieces are transformed into a larger whole: including triangles of different sizes or creating many different shapes with them mirrors the unique paths you take in your work, and the endless ways you might achieve your e-discovery goals.

Finally, creating a pattern with different triangles represents how you work with your data. At the start of a project, the data is scattered and unclear, but your efforts help you create a single story—ultimately finding a clear path to the data that needs action.

Leaving a Lasting Impression

That’s our ultimate mission—to help you organize data, discover the truth, and act on it—so that’s the goal of the Relativity Fest experience, too. We want you to leave the conference with tangible findings to act on when you’re back in the office. There’s nothing quite like Relativity Fest to bring the legal community together, make magic with all their collective brainpower, and then unleash new ideas and innovations into the world.

Of course, learning and collaborating doesn’t have to end when the event does—Relativians and your peers are always nearby to help you with your e-discovery journey. Start a conversation with us on the Relativity Community anytime, and check out our dedicated Relativity Fest group, where you can interact with other users before, during, and after the show. We’re curious to hear what you think about the visual theme for this year as we march toward September 30, so jump in and let us know.

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Amy King is a senior manager on Creativity, Relativity's in-house creative team, where she works closely with designers and copywriters to guide the Relativity content brand and foster collaboration.