On the Merits

On the Merits provides the legal technology community a true look at important world events and the people who work to redress wrongs. This documentary series tells the stories of the people at the center of an event, and explores how our customers champion them using data, technology, and the rule of law to discover the truth and open a path toward justice.

Using AI to Tackle Data Problems in a Pandemic and Beyond

Data scientists from around the world used AI in the race for answers around COVID-19. Learn more in our latest On the Merits film, Pandemic.

On the Merits: Flint

The 2014 Flint, Michigan water crisis led to various health issues for residents. This is the story of the people working together to uncover the truth and get justice for those impacted.

On the Merits: Showcasing the People Using Data for the Greater Good

People are using data to improve—if not completely transform—the lives of others. They are enacting justice in the world.