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Announcing FedRAMP Authorization for RelativityOne Government

Mike Gamson

At Relativity, our mission is to help organizations organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. This is especially resonant for government agencies who are dealing with their constituents’ most sensitive data, demanding investigations, and complicated litigation. I am excited for the work we’ve done to enable government agencies to achieve their mission in a secure, streamlined way.

Early this year, we announced the upcoming availability of RelativityOne Government—a platform built with federal government agencies and their unique needs in mind. Today, we’re excited to share that RelativityOne Government has achieved Authorization to Operate (ATO) status from our sponsoring agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), via the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Moderate Impact Level.

“We partnered with Relativity in their pursuit of FedRAMP authorization because of RelativityOne’s ability to handle our influx of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, its secure e-discovery platform, and the collaborative nature of its SaaS solution,” said Vaughn Noga, chief information officer and deputy assistant administrator for environmental information at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “EPA issued an ATO in September of 2020 and, now that RelativityOne Government is FedRAMP authorized, it will allow others in the U.S. Federal Government to utilize this e-discovery platform and tool to assist in handling e-discovery and FOIA needs.”

In short, this FedRAMP authorization means RelativityOne Government can manage the most complex requests, investigations, and legal and regulatory projects—with confidence that related information will be well protected in the platform.

What’s Happened Since January?

Since announcing FedRAMP’s In Process designation for RelativityOne in January, our team has made technical, personnel, strategy, and security enhancements that put us in a position to achieve full authorization and provide phenomenal support for our government customers for the long term.

In accordance with FedRAMP standards, we’ve built a dedicated team of security, sales, customer success, and marketing professionals within Relativity to bring RelativityOne Government to market and support the agencies who will use the platform.

For their part, Calder7—Relativity’s security team—has further matured the security and compliance programs that keep RelativityOne well protected against cyber threats of all kinds. On the path toward FedRAMP authorization, Calder7 has:

  • Added 360 security and privacy controls.
  • Invested in new technology and updated our current stack to ensure all of our vendors are FedRAMP-compliant, and can effectively collaborate with us to keep RelativityOne protected against evolving threats.
  • Built RelativityOne Government on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, creating a RelativityOne solution that holds only government regulated data to provide the most privacy possible for these teams.

“Almost every team at Relativity had a hand at achieving this milestone, making it one of the most collaborative and cross-functional projects I’ve ever seen. I am incredibly proud of the strides we’ve taken to make RelativityOne as iron-clad as it’s ever been,” said Amanda Fennell, chief security officer at Relativity.

Across Relativity, we’ve also worked hard to evolve internal strategies and roadmaps to align with the needs of government users. We know that these agencies need to use RelativityOne in unique ways, so our long-term vision for the platform has been further developed to ensure their continued success and security in the software.

What Does FedRAMP Mean for You?

For local, state, and federal government agencies who are ready to move their e-discovery, compliance, investigations, and similar projects to the cloud, RelativityOne Government is now a fully compliant, simply powerful platform that can help you solve any data challenge that comes your way. Specifically, you’ll find solutions for intuitively and quickly tackling litigation, FOIA requests, and investigations. These processes are supported by RelativityOne’s analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities, as well as end-to-end solutions for every stage of your projects.

Keeping the government perspective on our roadmap and in our day-to-day operations at Relativity also means the platform is well poised to meet the rapidly evolving demands placed on these agencies. In a world that’s moving and changing as quickly as ours, government agencies are under an immense amount of pressure to pivot efficiently and securely. RelativityOne offers the agility and digital armor to accomplish both.

This is especially resonant for federal agencies, who are watching the industry move rapidly to the cloud. State and local agencies are sure to follow, and we’re here to meet their needs, too. No matter where your agency is in its tech journey, RelativityOne is here to help you modernize your tech stack in order to enable innovation and efficiency in your agency.

Beyond our government community, FedRAMP authorization is also noteworthy for all RelativityOne users: It’s another validation point for the robust security posture that protects every segment, and the improvements we’ve made to get here will benefit every team entrusting their data to RelativityOne.

What’s Next?

The enhanced security protocols are already at work in RelativityOne. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you have about your move to the cloud or our platform, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to help.

In addition to FedRAMP status, RelativityOne has gotten some exciting updates already this year (looking at you, Aero). For example, automated workflows will enable users to streamline and automate key workflows in RelativityOne.

And in the months ahead, you can expect even more enhancements.

We’re bringing more visibility into the security of your data with RelativityOne Security Center later this year. A user map providing insight into where your data is being accessed and authenticator app support are planned for our January release, allowing users to provide more secure second factors.

Government agencies serve critical functions for their communities—and they’re entrusted with highly sensitive data in their efforts to fulfill their missions. As a FedRAMP-compliant cloud platform, RelativityOne delivers a secure and simply powerful solution to help meet these demands.

At Relativity, we’re humbled by the opportunity to help these agencies collaborate with one another, discover the truth amidst huge and complex data sets, and take action to meet the needs of their constituents. We’re ready to provide the educational materials and robust technology that can drive your efforts, and we can’t wait to get started.

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Mike Gamson is chief executive officer at Relativity. He first joined the Relativity team in 2017 as a member of the advisory board, getting a unique opportunity to get to know the company's business and team before stepping up to the role of CEO in 2019. With former roles at LinkedIn and Advent Software, Mike brings over 20 years of recruitment, sales, and product marketing experience to Relativity.