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Don't Dare Start Review without an e-Discovery Plan: A Holiday Poem

Daniel Pelc

Over the past year, we have seen legal matters become larger and more prevalent—and e-discovery teams and tools are evolving fast to keep up with these demands.

But there can be a downside to innovation. With increased speed and efficiency, it can be easy to lose track of one of the most important steps in the e-discovery process. In the words of a friend and colleague, “Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.”

A strong e-discovery project plan can be your best friend in uncertain times. During this holiday season, please enjoy a little tale to help you remember that important lesson:

'Twas the night before break

When all through the firm,

An unquiet buzz

Caused the juniors to squirm.

Discovery was done,

attachments were read;

emails reviewed,

each visualized thread.

Holidays drew near

Some days of pure leisure

When each, one and all,

Would have memories to treasure.

Some daydreamed of eggnog

With hams and fruitcake;

Some pictured menorahs

And latkes to make.

No matter what

We all really weren’t there;

With vacation beginning

I’d sprint from my chair.

From out in the corner

Came a bellowing yell,

From the partner’s huge office

Came the unseen bombshell.

“What’s this!?” I hear

With a frightening tone,

“We’re missing some data!”

He yelled in the phone.

We knew what that meant:

From the top and on down

All plans would be cancelled

Away or in town.

His office door opened

With a thunderous boom;

His rage was quite clear

To each in the room.

“Listen you lot,

There is data missing

No vacations begin

‘til we’re done!” he said, hissing.

Daydreams were dashed,

Hopes flushed down the drain.

Vacation would wait

By car or by train.

I warn you my friend,

Take heed of our plight.

Pay mind of my warning,

You know that I’m right.

When planning discovery

Whether image or scan,

Don’t dare start review

Without a discovery plan.

On behalf of Relativity, we wish you happy holidays and a joyful new year.

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Daniel Pelc was a senior manager of industry marketing at Relativity. He is now director of client solutions and integration at NightOwl.