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How a Services Partner Can Support Your e-Discovery Process

McKenna Brown

In-house legal teams have a lot on their plate, and often wear many hats. They must manage larger and more complex data sources while mitigating overall risk and cost.

From aiding in internal investigations to collaborating with a corporation’s diverse departments, these teams are pulled in many directions. Because of that, some corporations who directly license RelativityOne choose to work with a partner of record—a service provider who can support their discovery processes and offset some of that workload by working directly with their team and with Relativity support, using their skills, experience, and capacity to help them achieve business-critical goals.

Becoming an Extension of In-House Teams

To increase efficiency, many corporations are looking to RelativityOne to centralize their legal operations thanks to its built-in security posture and scalability. To help them get the most out of their investment in the platform, some of these organizations are partnering with service providers well versed in RelativityOne through the Services Partner program. This program recognizes service providers who function as an extension of in-house legal teams who are already highly independent, becoming laser-focused on driving efficiency and value in the e-discovery process.

For ProSearch, a RelativityOne Certified Partner, their goal is to share their expertise with corporate customers to ensure the discovery process is simple, refined, and focused. As a result, in-house teams can shift their focus to strategic planning and forgo the need to allocate resources for handling tech.

“Our experts help legal teams see how they can maximize their investment in RelativityOne,” said Scott Bailey, ProSearch’s director of client solutions. “Our goal is to drive efficiency from all angles—ranging from consulting on data migration to developing customized workflows based on a case’s specific needs.”

Streamlining Implementation

ProSearch’s dedication to driving efficiency was paramount when they recently worked with a Fortune 500 company interested in subscribing directly to RelativityOne. The company had a large litigation portfolio and not enough paralegals to manage it all.

The company teamed up with ProSearch, whose experts could help the company manage risk and reduce cost; eliminate the need for redundant review for similar documents across cases; and defensibly manage a high volume of small, client-specific contractual matters.

To kick off the process, the ProSearch implementation team worked with the company to get a better feel for how their in-house team operates.

“This allows us to create a comprehensive implementation and migration plan to RelativityOne, tailored to the company’s specific needs,” Scott said. “It also helps establish a playbook for how we interact with each other.”

Using ProSearch’s custom apps in RelativityOne, the client also had some major gains: They cleared a 24-day backlog in just 10 days and managed to reduce turnaround time on their service-level agreement from seven days to just under 24 hours.

“As a service provider with deep roots with RelativityOne, we don’t just know how to use it, we also know how to develop with it,” Scott said.

Moving Beyond the Manual

As an extension of the client’s in-house team, ProSearch continued to look for ways to enhance and streamline the discovery process. One key area of opportunity: automation.

They looked at ways to automate processes across the board. With RelativityOne, the ProSearch team took a task for which the company had allocated several hundred person-hours down to just 8 seconds of work. 

Paralegals, who previously spent the majority of their time working on specialized discovery processes, were able to shift their focus to higher-level litigation and attorney support work instead.

Scott says the partnership helped underscore the value of performing the right preparation at the beginning of a project to save time, energy, and resources later.

“Good implementation and automation are investments worth making,” Scott said. “If you invest in a good implementation, it pays huge dividends.”

Having a Meaningful (and Lasting) Impact

Efficiency is crucial for all organizations, saving companies time and money. But it can also enhance the lives of those who are usually in the trenches with the technology. Through a smooth implementation and an eye toward automation, teammates can focus on larger projects and even get home earlier to their friends and loved ones.

“Before we got involved, the client’s team lead was spending a significant amount of time after hours and on weekends coordinating efforts between their previous vendor and Relativity. He says his life has gotten significantly better since ProSearch took over,” Scott said. “His wife even noticed the improvement and expressed her appreciation. To me, that’s a true sign of success: when your client is telling you that you’ve improved their quality of life.”

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McKenna Brown is a member of the marketing team at Relativity, specializing in content development.