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How to Find the Most Critical Data When Trouble Hits

Dylan Salisbury

When trouble is afoot, your business’s security and assets aren’t the only things on the line—your reputation could be at stake as well.

You need to be able to respond swiftly, efficiently, and accurately.

But launching an internal investigation can encompass tens of thousands of data points, or even more. Where do you begin?

The right platform for data-focused workflows like internal investigations needs to handle more than just review. It should be able to take your team seamlessly and securely from identification and hold to a trial, if need be.

With this in mind, forward-thinking legal teams are increasingly turning to a single, easy-to-use platform. A centralized workflow means they are well equipped to tackle all the diverse issues of the e-discovery world, reducing costs and accelerating the time it takes to discover the truth.

Leveraging a single solution for internal investigations can reduce:

  • Data volumes requiring review
  • Time spent on collections and data transfers
  • Data’s exposure to security threats
  • Workflow redundancies
  • Opportunities for human error
  • Reliance on outside counsel or third parties

The burdens facing in-house legal and investigations teams continue to become more onerous, including exploding data volumes, rising security concerns, increasing regulatory responsibilities, and tightening purse strings. At the same time, litigations and investigations aren’t expected to see any reduction—and the COVID-19 pandemic may add new complications to many companies’ legal exposure. With all these challenges hitting at once, manual workflows and legacy solutions just aren’t cutting it any longer.

Learn more about how you can streamline internal investigations in three basic steps here.

RelativityOne, as a centralized e-discovery and investigations platform, offers seamless, end-to-end coverage from the start of a matter to its resolution—and that includes internal investigations, as well as RFIs, compliance reviews, and litigation.

Take These 3 Crucial Steps To Streamline Your Internal Investigations

Dylan Salisbury is a product marketing manager at Relativity, where he specializes in understanding and serving the corporate community.