Interview with kCura's Certification Team: What to Expect from the Certified User Exam

by Constantine Pappas on August 04, 2014

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Our certification team has been hard at work building new ways to validate our users’ expertise with Relativity. As the Relativity Certified User (formerly known as the Relativity Review Specialist) certification program matures, we’re excited to see how it can help our users.

Constantine Pappas of the advice team sat down with Danielle Urban from our certification team to get her insight into the exam. Check out the interview below to learn more.

Constantine: I understand there’s a new certification for reviewers.
Danielle: We rolled out the certification in April of 2014. This exam is geared toward helping teams staff a review project with objective standards for competency with Relativity. The certification is a great way to measure a candidate’s experience and knowledge of Relativity—so it’s also a good way for candidates to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Aside from reviewers, who else would benefit from this certification?
This is an ideal tool for paralegals, contract attorneys, project managers, and law students whose jobs don’t require full admin training or a robust RCA knowledge base, but would like to validate their experience with the software.

Since it’s not the full admin experience, how does it compare to the RCA exam?
All of our certifications are designed to be challenging, and do require some work to prepare for and pass the exams. We want our certifications to be valuable for those who achieve them. Our goal is to make this exam an industry standard measurement for review in Relativity, similar to the RCA exam for admins.

How’s the test set up, and how can candidates prepare for it?
Participants have 60 minutes to complete 100 questions, including multiple choice, true/false, hot spot, matching, and fill in the blank. You must receive 80% or higher to pass. We provide a review certification workbook in addition to tutorials, videos, documentation, and review questions to help users study.

Where can I take the exam?
The exam is primarily held in our Chicago office, but we also offer additional off-site exams in various locations. You can find upcoming exam dates and locations on the Certified User page of our website.  Additionally, we’ve been working with several staffing agencies to host the exam. If you work with an agency that’s interested in hosting an exam, please contact our certification team.

Where can folks go to learn more about the exam and what’s on it? 
To learn more about the Relativity Certified User exam, you can visit our website and read the certification FAQ. If you have any other questions, feel free to email


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