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New Free Resources to Keep Your e-Discovery Skills Up

Emily Messer

Editor’s note: The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive—thank you to everyone who has signed up, shared, and reached out to our team about it. Spots in the training courses have all been claimed, but we’re opening up additional classes to try to meet the demand—and in the meantime, you can still register for one of our live training webinars.

Registration for free exams has now closed, but we’re actively working on opening another round of free exams and will communicate updates when they happen. We encourage you to keep your skills up with our Learning from Home: Six Relativity Resources series on the Relativity Community site.

This is a trying time for everyone, and the health and safety of the global community is the most important thing for all of us right now. For us as a business, we’re grateful and fortunate to be in a position to pivot while maintaining the wellbeing of our community, a continuous positive experience with our software, and our usual levels of support.

We’re hoping we can use that position to offer our community more ways to connect with one another and continue to grow during a period when they may need it most. With that in mind, we introduced some free offerings to help our community level up their skills while navigating this period of uncertainty.

Free Trainings

Our team continues to hold frequent trainings for global audiences, all of which will be virtual for the near future—and we want more folks to be able to take advantage of these in the new format. We'll be offering free training classes starting March 23 through May 10.

Beyond adding new sessions to the schedule, this means all our regularly scheduled trainings in this period will now be free of charge. Check out the full list of offerings and sign up to reserve your spot here.

Free Exams

(Editor's note: Registration for free exams is now closed, but we’re actively working on opening another round of free exams.)

We want to give the community more opportunities right now to develop a broader range of skills, and we believe earning a Relativity certification can be a great way to do that.

For a limited number of individuals who signed up for an exam when this article was first published (March 24, 2020), we were able to waive the fee for Pro and Specialty exams taken between April 3 through May 10, limited to one exam per person. Those who have never earned a Relativity certification could start with the RelativityOne Certified Pro, Relativity Certified User, or the Relativity Certified Sales Pro exam. Those who have previously earned a Relativity certification could take any specialty exam—Analytics, Infrastructure, Processing, Project Management, or Certified User—or the RelativityOne Certified Pro or Relativity Certified Sales Pro exams.

We also offered 10 complimentary online RCA exams to be taken between April 3 and May 10.

Demand for these promotions was higher than anticipated, and the available slots were claimed quickly. We're working on opening another round of free exams, and will update this article when we have more information to share on that promotion.

If you've signed up to take an exam, we have plenty of study materials available to help you prepare, and the Relativity Community site is a great resource to find study partners or share newfound knowledge. If you have any questions, email our team at

Self-Guided Learning

If you want to grow your knowledge, but aren’t able to study for an exam or attend a full training right now, we have a series of self-guided videos on the Training Center. These quick hits—many shorter than 20 minutes—will give you skills you can apply immediately to take on more e-discovery challenges.

Plus, we’re introducing “Learning from Home,” a new series of themed content that will dive deep into a particular topic. Every week for six weeks we’ll curate six pieces of content—videos, blog posts, and more—on topics like searching, processing, and hidden gems, to help you be more successful in the platform. Join us on the Community site to watch, read, share, and discuss with other members of our community. Here's what we've shared so far: searching and analytics.

Whether you take a free training class, are preparing for a complimentary exam, or are following along with the Learning from Home series, you can always turn to the Community site to ask our team questions or hear from others working on the same things.

And as always, you can reach out to a member of our training or certification teams with questions or other ideas for what could be helpful right now. We’re all in this together, and hopefully these offerings can provide a couple new opportunities for many of you.

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Emily Messer is the director of content at Relativity and leads our training, certification, documentation, and learning management teams.