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Thanksgiving Recipes for the Relativity Community

Brendan Ryan

Much like a Thanksgiving dinner, RelativityOne is made up of a cornucopia of ingredients. Impressive things are brought to the table when those ingredients are combined and prepared in unique ways.

And just like preparation for an important meal, when it comes to the projects our community is tasked with, sometimes it’s better if you just stick to a recipe.

This Thanksgiving, we asked the solutions specialists on the Relativity customer success team to provide their favorite recipes. Each provided two. One is a workflow recipe designed to solve a common e-discovery task, and we hope it gets you home on time to follow the other: a recipe for a dish sure to win over the family and friends gathered around your table.

Bon appétit!

Dashboards and Cheesy Potatoes

Thanks to: Eamonn Coyle

Creating commonly used dashboards in Relativity

“There’s nothing cheesy about mashing up groups of widgets to create eye-catching and highly functional dashboards for all of your workflows. This recipe doesn’t just provide you with some key ways to create and use dashboards, it also adds inspiration on the side.”

Patsy’s Cheesy Potatoes

“Being an Irish family at Thanksgiving means serving more than one kind of mashed potato. Sure, we do the traditional mashed potatoes. However, my sister uses this recipe to add more color to the table. The table becomes almost as eye catching as a … that’s right … Relativity dashboard.”

Here’s the workflow:

  • Pull together the ingredients
    • One 32 oz. (approximately) package of southern style hashbrowns
    • Two 8 oz. cans of cream of potato soup
    • One pint of sour cream
    • One package of sharp chedder cheese
    • Salt & pepper
  • Prep ingredients
    • Combine all the ingredients in a buttered 9”x13” pan
  • Refrigerate overnight
    • “Don’t ask me why, but this is what the recipe says”
  • Bake
    • 350 degrees
    • 1 hour

Case Details and Casserole

Thanks to: Danny Frank

Case Details Matrix Application

“I’m a big fan of custom objects, so I’m thankful that we’ve rolled out Application Recipes: workflows that use pre-made objects, searches, dashboards, and more that have been rolled up into a Relativity application. The Case Details Matrix Application was the first Application Recipe that we developed, and it contains a series of interconnected custom objects to help project managers track the key review stakeholders, collections work, production metrics, and relevant case files. Anyone who’s felt like a turkey searching their email for the latest list of search terms agreed upon by both parties will love how helpful the Case Details Matrix Application can be. I bet you’ll be stuffing it into all your review workspaces.”

Green Bean Casserole with Corn Flakes

“I don’t think that green bean casserole gets the respect it deserves at the Thanksgiving table. Our recommendation to drive green bean casserole adoption is to make sure that you top it with corn flakes of your choice. Who better to help you leverage the power of the corn flakes than Kellogg’s, who’ve provided this simple, yet effective, recipe? Enhance your Thanksgiving workflows with ‘Green Bean Casserole with Corn Flakes.’”

Clustering and Categorization, Shallots and Sherry

Thanks to: Stan Pierson

Use case for Relativity Analytics - Clustering & Categorization

“This is an oldie but a goodie. Clustering and categorization are two strong and versatile tools that still have as much impact today as when they first appeared in the Analytics tool box. This recipe showcases how you can use clustering as a foray into your data even when you know nothing about it, then walks you through a time-saving and powerful use of categorization: to find the hot docs in an opposing side’s production by utilizing all the hard work you put into your own doc review.”

Mushrooms with Shallots and Sherry

“I am not a good cook, but this is a staple at family holiday dinners thanks to my sister’s version. The sherry is such a perfect and elegant addition to mushrooms and adds a great accompaniment to all the starchy dishes on the table. My advice is to make more than you think you’ll need—and pair it with that Gewurztraminer you should already have chilling.”

How to Wrap Up Productions and Fried Bananas

Thanks to: Carlo Ramos

Performing QC of Productions

“I’m a fan of this one because I’m a big advocate for someone staying employed. Asking the questions outlined on this recipe is always a good idea when running productions.”

Turon (Filipino Fried Banana Rolls)

“One will be left wondering why they’ve never had this magic before.”

Custodians and Cranberries

Thanks to: Megan Twibell

Advanced workflows with Relativity Legal Hold

“Like most modern dinners where there is always someone who needs a special meal, our customers also need to customize their instance. Here is a recipe to guide you through adding new fields and dashboards to the existing Custodian application so that your Legal Hold plate can be exactly how you like it.”

Persimmon Cranberry Sauce

“Call me old fashioned, but I love fruit on my turkey—or maybe I just don’t care for turkey. I guess cranberry sauce is to turkey as ketchup is to most foods. Bring on the cranberries.”

Escape from the Office Early in this Holiday Game

Brendan Ryan was Relativity’s senior manager of partner marketing.