Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 2: Proportionality

Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring informal discussion of recent and relevant case law between Relativity team members and attorneys from the Relativity community (plus game segments!).

On this month’s episode, brought to you by RelativityOne Certified Partner JND eDiscovery, the Relativity gang welcomes Jay Carle of Seyfarth Shaw LLP to discuss proportionality and semi-related topics such as the merits of arguing with small children and the value of a freezer-burned pint of ice cream.

Also featured is a fascinating prediction of why a sentient virtual assistant might decide to sue the whole world in 10 short years.

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Brendan Ryan is Relativity's senior manager of community and customer advocacy, the team who catalyzes the network effect of successful end users, customers, and partners. Specifically, he supports the marketers who manage The Relativity Blog, as well as Relativity's Academic Partner program, social media engagement, Community site, and Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast.


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