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What a Simply Powerful UI Means for Service Providers

Liz Lieberman

Editor’s Note: In May, we hosted focused webinars for each of our customer segments to provide a tailored preview of the new Aero UI and how it can better support their work. For those who missed these sessions, we’re recapping them here on the blog. Scroll to the end to click through to an on-demand recording of the partner webinar.

Aero UI, our brand-new user interface, is coming to RelativityOne beginning in August. It promises to transform the way you work. But there’s a lot more to Aero than fewer clicks (though we’ve accomplished that) and faster load times (that too). We’ve designed a UI that’s simply powerful, delivering an interface that can be ultra-clean for the most novice user, yet still robust for the most advanced users.

We’ve had a few organizations test driving Aero via our Advance Access program since March, providing feedback on how the upgrade looks and feels before it’s released for prime time. They’ve been able to take advantage of the simply powerful platform for their current projects, while helping us fine tune the UI for launch. Control Risks and Innovative Litigation have been working in Aero UI for almost three months now.

Take a look at what Aero has done for them—and their clients—and why you can be confident when it comes time to make the switch.

#1: Lightning-fast speeds mean a serious uptick in efficiency and fewer headaches for all.

Your clients partner with you to help streamline their legal workflows, manage their technical footprint, and create new efficiencies for their team. Their expectations are high—and your standards are even higher.

Today’s software user expects a seamless experience they can fly through with ease. Aero offers highly anticipated features to better serve your users.

With a re-architected viewer, you can also fly through documents with ease, allowing your teams to get more done. Additionally, a new navigation paradigm provides a workflow-based approach to navigating the platform—making it easier to get where you’re trying to go and accomplish your tasks faster.

Document preview functionality is another way you and your customers can fly through data sets to complete project status checks and quality control tasks. You’ll get a taste of what searches and analytics are uncovering to better inform batching and other tasks without slow-downs caused by page loads and clicks on that back button.

#2: Less time on software logistics means more time for bigger, better strategy discussions.

The value your partnerships create for your clients goes far beyond your ability to support their technical experience. It’s your workflow and case strategy expertise that truly brings game-changing insights to your service offering. Drastically reduced clicks, faster doc-to-doc speeds, fewer support questions, and the freedom of supporting RelativityOne via the cloud means you can further develop the skills that will help your team differentiate and better serve your clients.

You’ll also have more time for one-on-one conversations with your clients that aren’t limited to software questions (or complaints). That chance to connect with them and help drive their strategy will open yet more opportunities to streamline workflows and customize new solutions to meet their needs—all of which can be done right within Relativity, so their investment (and yours) can go further.

#3: Aero has been vetted—long before its release—to smooth your transition.

When a new version of your e-discovery platform is rolled out across your organization, there’s a lot at stake. It’s not just your own team that needs a smooth transition—it’s your clients and their teams, too. We don’t take that reality lightly.

With a UI upgrade as significant as Aero, we know there will be questions among your stakeholders. Change isn’t easy. But we promise it will pay off.

Here’s what we’ve done to ensure Aero is truly ready to hit the stage and make it easier on you to make the switch:

  • We’ve created an upgrade checklist to give your team a better understanding of what you’ll need to do to prepare for the release, and lots of time to tick off each box. Our success teams are also partnering with you to ensure you feel equipped and ready for Aero.
  • Plenty of materials are available to help you give your team and clients a preview of Aero and get them excited for what’s to come in the new release. Your Relativity account manager will be in touch.
  • From-the-field input via our Advance Access program has made for more useful, high-quality software.

“The new design has shown us that Relativity is listening and using that feedback to create new applications and new workflows to assist and simplify our day to day tasks,” said Anthony Gonzalez, project manager at Innovative Litigation. “Although Relativity has built and created Aero, I believe all of the users and partners have had a hand in designing it. There are bits and pieces of every user's feedback in and around Aero and as we get newer minds exposed to the platform, I feel the best is yet to come.”

Get Ready

Aero is scheduled to go live soon, but the new UI is already available in preview and sandbox environments for RelativityOne. Take a look and contact your account team with any questions.

Based on what we’re hearing, our Advance Access partners are getting a lot of interest from their clients as well. “There’s been a lot of interest from our clients in Aero UI during the Advance Access phase, especially related to speed and performance of the UI,” said Zehra Yazgan, associate director at Control Risks. “We’re definitely excited about the upcoming functional enhancements, particularly around automated workflows—that will be a game changer.”

Keep an eye on The Relativity Blog for more Aero coverage in the lead-up to general release, and please let us know how we can help you prepare for the transition.

Learn How Aero Supports Service Providers

Liz Lieberman is a member of the product marketing team at Relativity, working closely with the product teams to understand customer needs and strengthen the platform.

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